George Psiharis

Chief Operating Officer at Clio

George Psiharis is the Chief Operating Officer at Clio. Passionate about people and problem-solving, and specializing in strategic partnerships, data analytics and customer development, George has worked extensively with law schools, bar associations, and other legal professionals to help make information on cloud computing and law firm economics increasingly accessible. Since joining Clio in 2010, Chief Operating Officer George Psiharis has a front-row seat for the massive technological and cultural shifts that have swept the legal industry in the past decade—shifts which have accelerated due to COVID-19.

  • George Psiharis presenting the 2020 Legal Trends Report

    Thought Leader

    Legal Trends Report

    George is a recognized speaker and thought leader who drives the creation of Clio’s annual Legal Trends Report which provides unique, data-driven insights on the most important issues within the legal profession. As part of the industry pulse-check featured in the annual Legal Trends Report, Clio’s ongoing research into the impacts of COVID-19 analyzes aggregated and anonymized data—from tens of thousands of legal professionals using Clio’s legal practice management software—to learn more about the challenges US legal professionals face due to the global pandemic.

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