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  • CourtDrive

    The Clio-CourtDrive integration will save you tons of time by automatically downloading, renaming, and saving your court pleadings to the…

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  • Mailform

    Mailform is the easiest way to print and mail FedEx Standard Overnight, USPS Priority, Express, Certified & First Class Mail…

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  • jubileebk_logo

    Jubilee BK

    JubileeBK is an intuitive online bankruptcy software for the legal professional. Easily navigate between Clio and Jubilee to prepare the…

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  • Jubilee Notices

    Jubilee Notices is a complete Court Notice Email Management System that helps save your law firm valuable time and costs by…

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  • lawcloud_logo


    A beautiful, easy to use way to automate your law firm's documents. With Clio and LawCloud you can automate your…

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  • interactivelegalsuite_logo

    InterActive LegalSuite

    InterActive LegalSuite™ is an Estate Planning and Elder Law Planning document drafting system; with automated interviews providing options and on-screen…

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  • EZ Editor for Clio

    Edit Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) residing in Clio using Google Docs, collaborate with customers on Google and save back…

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  • ROSS – The Intelligent Legal Research Choice

    ROSS is the AI-driven legal research platform that allows you to do more thorough research in a fraction of the…

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  • Faster PACER

    Faster PACER is the easiest way to save PACER documents to Clio without paying any fees. When you receive a…

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  • Scrive eSign

    Bridge the final gap to 100% paperless operations with Scrive eSign. E-sign your documents quickly and securely from Clio with Scrive,…

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  • Xerox Logo

    Xerox Connect for Clio

    With Xerox® Connect App for Clio, extend the reach of Clio’s leading cloud-based software for legal practice management. Quickly digitize…

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    Build custom client intakes and document automations in minutes with Whether your firm wants to streamline internal drafting or…

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  • Contract Workbench by Lawgood

    Lawgood’s Contract Workbench makes it easy to draft high quality contracts from scratch in just minutes. Customize clause language on…

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  • Fidu – Client Document Portal

    Fidu is a modern client-facing document, e-signature, and information portal for law firms to provide to their clients, to create,…

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  • Formstack Documents

    Formstack Documents is a seamless document generator that puts an end to manual data entry by allowing users to automatically…

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  • ElderDocx

    ElderDocx is the signature document-drafting system produced by ElderCounsel, a membership organization providing Elder Law and Special Needs attorneys with…

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  • Edex Mail

    With Edex Mail, Clio customers can upload ANY document to be mailed via USPS first class! We offer Proof of…

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  • Sign with DocuSign logo Clio integration

    Sign with DocuSign

    The Sign with DocuSign workflow for Clio allows you to send any file that is stored in Clio to DocuSign…

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  • EZAutomate

    EZAutomate gives you endless possibilities to automate business processes. Autogenerate documents, auto-email customers, connect to various state's eFiling system -…

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  • DeedNetwork

    DeedNetwork provides deed information and easy to use tools that include compliant deed templates, state & county forms and a…

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  • EZCollab Logo

    EZ Apps for Clio

    EZ Apps for Clio is a suite of productivity apps specifically designed for Clio users to help them make the…

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  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business

    Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a file storage and synchronization service that provides you with a place to store and…

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  • Google Apps

    Sync Clio with your most essential Google Apps: Google Contacts, Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail. Manage your business and life…

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  • Google Drive

    Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service from Google that provides you with a place to store and…

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  • Clio Launcher

    Open, edit, create, and save documents directly from Clio in just a few clicks—no downloading and reuploading required. Stop toggling…

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  • Box

    Box is a secure, cloud-based document management application that easily integrates with Clio. Box balances ease-of-use with a high level…

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  • Dropbox

    One of the world’s most popular document storage applications, Dropbox lets you securely upload and share files with clients and…

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  • NetDocuments

    The power and simplicity of NetDocuments is changing the way law firms work. You can now create, manage and collaborate…

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  • Diligen

    Diligen is simple, intuitive contract review software that uses machine learning to help lawyers review their contracts faster. Diligen rapidly…

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  • NEW Document Connex Logos WHITE BG


    DocumentConnex is the better way to e-sign! Get a document signed manually, or using Clio. Then, just upload or import…

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  • dealcloser

    dealcloser is a transaction management hub for legal professionals that brings lawyers and their clients together on deals, transforming and…

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  • WarRoom

    WarRoom is a web-based application that makes it easy to highlight and tag deposition testimony. With WarRoom, lawyers can instantly…

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  • Docketman

    Docketman helps small and solo firms simplify their real estate closing process. Docketman automates the complex calculations required to complete…

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  • Mass Document Automation

    Mass Document Automation allows you to mass produce any number of documents for any number of clients and matters all…

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  • Faster Backup

    Faster Backup makes it super easy to download a backup of all of your Clio documents. Save the backup to…

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  • Faster Compare

    Faster Compare lets you see changes in Word and Excel documents that are stored in Clio. Easily check who made…

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  • Cloud Drive for Clio

    Cloud Drive for Clio is the easiest way to save and edit all your Clio documents. Manage Clio docs straight…

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  • Matter Match Migrator

    Matter Match Migrator

    Matter Match Migrator will help you move all of your files to Clio’s cloud in no time at all. You…

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  • BigLegal

    BigLegal is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for the legal industry that helps lawyers review contracts effectively by automatically identifying relevant…

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  • Evichat

    Evichat is a tool that allows law firms to collect, review, and redact IM Chat communications directly from their client's…

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  • ScanSnap by Fujitsu

    Find out why Clio customers love the ScanSnap line of scanners so much! Fujitsu is dedicated to continuous innovation while…

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  • WealthCounsel

    WealthCounsel is a membership-based organization providing estate and business planning attorneys with industry-leading legal document drafting software, continued professional learning…

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  • FlexxLegal

    For law firms looking to enhance workflow optimization, reduce costs and have real-time access to minute books and client documents,…

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  • Clause logo


    Clause is the world’s first smart legal contracting and contract management solution. Connect your contracts to a variety of data…

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  • Bundledocs Clio Integration


    Take a load of documents directly from Clio or from anywhere. Bundledocs organizes them into a neat, numbered, sectioned booklet…

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  • NextChapter

    Bankruptcy Software for the Modern Attorney® NextChapter is a cloud-based application created specifically for bankruptcy attorneys. NextChapter allows you to…

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  • Faster Suite

    Faster Suite is the #1 suite of apps for Clio. Combining document management, email management, and time management apps with…

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  • Faster Drive

    Faster Drive is the easiest way to work with all your Clio documents. Faster Drive lets you use Clio as…

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  • Faster Scan

    Faster Scan is designed to streamline your scanning process. Faster Scan will automatically detect a new scanned document and allow…

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  • Lexop

    Helping firms save valuable time by simplifying the way they serve, share, and collect documents. Lexop simplifies the entire process…

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  • AgileLaw E-Exhibits

    AgileLaw replaces paper exhibits with electronic exhibits, allowing attorneys to conduct depositions with nothing but a laptop and tablet. Deposition…

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