Allocate Legal

Allocate Legal is an automatic, AI-powered timekeeping application for the legal industry. Allocate Legal helps lawyers track time composing emails, drafting documents, attending meetings and much more and automatically predicts how much time is spent down to the client and matter level.

Key Features

  • Track time automatically
    • Eliminate the need for tedious manual time entry and irksome timers.
    • Capture more billable hours in a fraction of the time.
    • Stay focused on growing your practice and retaining happy clients.

    Automatically track and classify time to your matters:
    • Composing and reading emails
    • Attending meetings
    • Drafting documents in word processors
    • Working in any apps on your PC or Mac

    Let Allocate’s AI automatically classify time spent by matter.
    • Review and submit your pre-populated timesheet

    Lightning fast
    • Quickly and accurately log billable hours to your clients and matters by dragging Allocate’s automatically generated activity cards.

    Seamless integration
    • All of your matters from Clio are automatically and securely imported into Allocate.
    • All time logged in Allocate gets automatically saved in Clio.
    • No excel spreadsheets, no clunky imports or exports.

    Supported everywhere
    • Allocate integrates with all major email clients and is supported on PC and Macs.

    Works for the whole firm
    • Invite your entire team in Clio with a single click