Candle Request

Candle Request is an automated medical record retrieval and lien tracking software for legal professionals that is simple and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Create and Send Requests Faster
    ∙ Problem: Requesting medical records is a traditionally tedious but entirely necessary process for all of the approximately 56,000 personal injury law firms in the United States.
    ∙ Solution: With Candle Request, Clio users can save hours of time per week by completing the entire medical record request and follow-up process directly from Clio: one app, one easy step, all while feeling like they never left Clio.

    Stay Organized
    ∙ Problem: Each Request requires two documents. An average case will require at least six requests or 12 documents. Some attorneys have 100-200 cases at one time. That's 2,400 documents just for medical record requests. That's a lot of documents to manage.
    ∙ Solution: Candle Request neatly organizes and displays each request by client name, date and time submitted, department, and appends the request documents. Organization = efficiency.

    Track Liens, Bills, Write-Offs, and Expenses
    ∙ Problem: Medical bills, liens, write-offs, and record processing expenses are difficult to keep track of.
    ∙ Solution: Candle Request provides users a simple and neat way to track bills, liens, expenses, and write-offs. Candle also gives legal professionals the ability to record and push record processing expenses directly to their Clio Activities tab.

    ∙ Problem: It's difficult to obtain medical records in time without following up with the medical facility via phone. Law firm employees spend valuable firm time waiting on hold and cases are held up while waiting for records to come in.
    ∙ Solution: Now, Clio-Candle Request users can have our experienced Candle Request Response Team call to follow up with the click of a button.

    ∙ Problem: A record request horror story that occurs all too often is waiting weeks for the fulfillment of a record request only to find out the facility "never received" the request.
    ∙ Solution: With Candle Request, Clio users can click one button and the request will be re-sent to the provider with a cover letter explaining the date the request was originally sent (to keep the priority level).