ALL Live Web Chat Logo Live Web Chat Web Chat is the fastest, friendliest way to capture website leads. U.S.-based receptionists and AI chatbots qualify leads, book appointments, and intake clients, significantly increasing marketing ROI. When you…

Yourefolio Logo

Yourefolio is the most complete, yet simple to use estate and legacy planning software available today for estate planners to digitally plan with their clients and beneficiaries from beginning to…

TimeSparrow Logo

TimeSparrow makes it easy to track time. Enter time using text messaging, emails, voice transcription, or Amazon Alexa devices. You can even have TimeSparrow call you at regularly scheduled times to…

Invoice Tracker Logo
Invoice Tracker

Improve cash flow and efficiency with Invoice Tracker by eBillity. Designed to improve cash flow, the automatic email reminders follow up on unpaid invoices so you don’t have to. Increase…

CozyCal Scheduling Logo
CozyCal Scheduling

CozyCal is a simple scheduling service that easily integrates with your website. Install CozyCal on your website, and let clients schedule appointments anytime, anywhere. By integrating with Clio, CozyCal increases…

Lexicata, by Clio Logo
Lexicata, by Clio

Lexicata, by Clio, is the legal industry’s leading customer relationship management (CRM) and client intake software.

Gmail Logo

Log emails, save documents, and add contacts to Clio with Clio’s Gmail Add-on. Clio’s Gmail Add-on makes it easier to record email correspondence on a matter using Clio’s communication log.…

Microsoft Office 365 Logo
Microsoft Office 365

A natural fit for every law firm. Sync Clio with Microsoft Office 365 Business or Enterprise accounts to optimize law firm efficiencies.  With Clio’s Microsoft Office 365 integration, seamlessly link…

Office 365 Calendar Logo
Office 365 Calendar

Reduce data entry, stay on top of deadlines, and simplify law firm organization with Clio’s Office 365 Calendar sync. Clio’s bi-directional Office 365 Calendar sync keeps both Clio and your…

Office 365 Contacts Logo
Office 365 Contacts

Reduce data entry, minimize errors, and simplify law firm organization with Clio’s Office 365 Contacts sync. Clio’s Office 365 Contacts sync keeps both Clio and your Outlook/Office 365 Contacts up…

Microsoft OneDrive for Business Logo
Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is a file storage and synchronization service that provides you with a place to store and access your documents. Clio’s integration with OneDrive allows you to…

Google Apps Logo
Google Apps

Sync Clio with your most essential Google Apps: Google Contacts, Calendar, Google Drive, and Gmail. Manage your business and life with those you love to use and trust, working together…

Google Drive Logo
Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service from Google that provides you with a place to store and access your documents. Clio’s integration with Google Drive allows you…

Google Calendar Logo
Google Calendar

Reduce data entry, stay on top of deadlines, and simplify law firm organization with Clio’s Google Calendar sync. Clio’s bi-directional Google Calendar sync keeps both Clio and your Google Calendar…

Google Contacts Logo
Google Contacts

Reduce data entry, minimize errors, and simplify law firm organization with Clio’s Google Contacts sync. Clio’s Google Contacts sync keeps both Clio and your Google Contacts up to date as…

Clio Launcher Logo
Clio Launcher

Open, edit, and save with a click: Clio Launcher is changing document management for law firms.  Adding more power to Clio—and productivity to your day—Clio Launcher is the most integrated,…

Xero Logo

Xero is beautiful, easy-to-use online accounting software designed for small businesses and their advisors. Xero uses the best of the web and mobile to simplify financial management anytime, anywhere. And…

QuickBooks Online Logo
QuickBooks Online

Eliminate the headaches of legal accounting. Clio and QuickBooks Online streamline legal accounting for lawyers and their support staff; from managing funds in trust to client billing, paying employees, filing taxes,…

Box Logo

Box is a secure, cloud-based document management application that easily integrates with Clio. Box balances ease-of-use with a high level of security—allowing legal professionals to manage firm documents on the…

Dropbox Logo

One of the world’s most popular document storage applications, Dropbox lets you securely upload and share files with clients and co-counsel from anywhere. With great storage and a user-friendly interface,…

NetDocuments Logo

The power and simplicity of NetDocuments is changing the way law firms work. You can now create, manage and collaborate on documents with new levels of ease and mobility—and have…

Diligen Logo

Diligen is simple, intuitive contract review software that uses machine learning to help lawyers review their contracts faster. Diligen rapidly identifies key provisions and generates contract summaries. With the Clio…

Birdeye Logo

BirdEye lets you send fully automated review requests to your clients and integrates seamlessly with your client list on Clio. With customizable timing, branding, and content, you can get new…

Podium Logo

Podium helps law offices attract more customers, keep current customers & grow their business. We offer simple messaging, reviews, and insights for legal practices. Use the convenience of text messaging…

Client Chat Live Logo
Client Chat Live

Client Chat Live is a managed live chat software and service. Law firms benefit by having live operators 24×7 to respond to chat requests on their websites, allowing their staff…

Logikcull Logo

Logikcull automates the tedious and expensive process of eDiscovery and data management in litigation and investigations. It is easy to use, free to create an account, and zero cost to…

Broadly Logo

Broadly’s client engagement platform helps your practice manage leads, facilitate communication with modern clients, and generate online reviews. With a Broadly-Clio integration, you can truly automate client follow-up and review…

DocumentConnex Logo

DocumentConnex uses blockchain technology to securely sign and verify ownership of almost any electronic file. Using our application, you can establish a permanent and irrefutable record of the time, date,…

LawDroid Voice Logo
LawDroid Voice

LawDroid Voice allows you to control Clio using your voice. Use your voice to dictate notes, schedule appointments, create tasks in Clio, and have it read you your schedule in…

dealcloser Logo

dealcloser is a transaction management hub for legal professionals that brings lawyers and their clients together on deals, transforming and modernizing the transaction process. Deals are complex and can be…


LAWCLERK – Where Attorneys Go To Hire Freelance Lawyers. With the Clio and LAWCLERK integration, attorneys can automatically sync timekeeping, billing, calendaring, task management, and documents to make their practices…

Proclaim Logo

Proclaim provides law firms with the simplest way to talk to their clients and potential clients. Proclaim lets law firms put a Text Us button on your website within minutes.…

WarRoom Logo

WarRoom is a web-based application that makes it easy to highlight and tag deposition testimony. With WarRoom, lawyers can instantly create summaries of key testimony by witness or issue. With…

ClientSherpa Logo

ClientSherpa takes the guesswork out of building a friendly and efficient client onboarding experience. Custom forms for every matter and automated client followup mean fewer no-shows and happier, more-engaged clients.…

Docketman Logo

Docketman helps small and solo firms simplify their real estate closing process. Docketman automates the complex calculations required to complete the Closing Disclosure and ALTA Settlement Statements. You can easily…

Legalbox Logo

Legalbox is a lightweight and customizable legal workflow to simplifies the way to get legal tasks done through a web-based platform with a minimalist user interface and boards to make…

Time Miner Logo
Time Miner

Time Miner automatically creates billable time entries for past smartphone activity, including calls, texts, and emails, eliminating the need for contemporaneous billing. For Clio users, Time Miner exports time entries directly…

myFirmData Logo

myFirmData is a custom reporting tool that allows firms to create reports that include any information being stored in Clio, including financial data and custom fields. These reports can then…

Mass Document Automation for Clio Logo
Mass Document Automation for Clio

Mass Document Automation for Clio allows you to mass produce lots of documents for lots of clients and lots of matters all at once.

Export: Backup My Docs Logo
Export: Backup My Docs

Export: Backup My Docs makes it super easy to download a backup of all of your Client & Matter documents.

Blackline Compare Logo
Blackline Compare

Blackline Compare makes it super easy to see the changes in Word Documents that are stored on Clio.

Cloud Drive for Clio Logo
Cloud Drive for Clio

Cloud Drive for Clio is the easiest way to save and edit all your Clio documents. Manage Clio docs straight from Windows Explorer, reorganize folders with the touch of a…

Clio Payments powered by LawPay Logo
Clio Payments powered by LawPay

Clio Payments, powered by LawPay, is the client-friendly way to get paid faster, save more money, automate your billing workflow–and deliver better service that clients have come to expect from…

Move My Docs to Clio Logo
Move My Docs to Clio

Move My Docs to Clio will help you move all of your files to Clio’s cloud in no time at all. You simply tell it the matters associated with your…

Backup My Clio Data Logo
Backup My Clio Data

Backup My Clio Data gives users access to developer-style Clio data which can be used in many different ways.

Click to Call for Clio Logo
Click to Call for Clio

Click to Call for Clio allows you to automatically execute a custom PowerShell script whenever a “tel” or “callto” link is clicked. This allows you to integrate Clio and AlphaDrive…

Rocket Case Logo
Rocket Case

MAXIMUM ADVOCACY IN MINIMUM TIME Rocket Case empowers busy attorneys to communicate quickly and easily with their clients. Update your clients on their case status, request and send important documents,…

Time Tracker for Clio Logo
Time Tracker for Clio

Time Tracker for Clio is the easiest and most accurate way to accurately capture the time you work. Time Tracker watches everything you do on your computer and automatically correlates…

HighLevel Logo

HighLevel helps you grow your law firm by generating reviews, improving your SEO, raising your Google rankings, and connecting with your clients in real-time across your website, Google, SMS, and social…

EffortlessIntake Logo

EffortlessIntake automates your intake process: • Invite potential clients • Sign up clients from your website • Automate your conflict checks • Comes with several ready-to-use intake forms • Customize…

Lawmatics Logo

Lawmatics is the first marketing automation, intake management and CRM platform specifically for law firms. Lawmatics automates the entire intake process while also providing automated customer journeys designed to turn…

LEDESConvert Logo

LEDESConvert easily and securely converts invoices between different LEDES formats. Converting invoices manually can take hours, costing law firms significant time and money. LEDESConvert automates the process – just upload…

Accounting Export for Clio Logo
Accounting Export for Clio

Accounting Export allows you to export Clio time entries to other accounting systems such as Juris.

AutoFile for Outlook Logo
AutoFile for Outlook

AutoFile for Outlook is a smart, easy-to-use email filing add-on for Microsoft Outlook and Clio. AutoFile can organize your inbox, save your communications to Clio, bill time for emails, and…

BigLegal Logo

BigLegal is a powerful, easy-to-use tool for the legal industry that helps lawyers review contracts effectively by automatically identifying relevant clauses and terms in documents and flagging the for review.

Allocate Legal Logo
Allocate Legal

Allocate Legal is an automatic, AI-powered timekeeping application for the legal industry. Allocate Legal helps lawyers track time composing emails, drafting documents, attending meetings and much more and automatically predicts…

Law Ruler Logo
Law Ruler

Law Ruler is the #1 legal CRM and case intake software designed for law firms of all sizes. It is a robot that makes your team look awesome and automates…

Your Firm App Logo
Your Firm App

Your Firm App provides law firms with a custom branded native application for their clients on iOS and Android. Integrating through Clio, Your Firm App provides mobile messaging between attorney…

Evichat Logo

Evichat is a tool that allows law firms to collect, review, and redact IM Chat communications directly from their client’s mobile device and social media accounts.

Lawyaw Logo

Lawyaw is an easy-to-use document automation and electronic signature platform designed for legal service professionals. Lawyaw is Mac & PC compatible and streamlines the tedious, annoying, and error prone process…

Case Status Logo
Case Status

Case Status is a communication and referral tool for attorneys and clients. It is an app that provides clients with real-time updates regarding the status of their case. It allows…

PATLive Logo

PATLive is a 24/7 live answering service that has been in business since 1990. Utilizing proprietary technology and all U.S.-based agents, we offer premiere receptionist services to thousands of organizations…

Attornify Logo

Attornify’s mission is to transform the marketing lead generation, scheduling, and communications process for lawyers, freeing them up to focus directly on meeting the demands of their practice. By integrating…

Gideon Logo

Gideon is a messaging and data analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence that helps law firms put lead conversion on autopilot. Gideon replaces intake forms with conversations and predicts case…

Inventive-IP Logo

Effortlessly search, identify, assess, and monitor IP instantly with Inventive-IP’s proprietary AI technology. Inventive-IP’s integration with Clio means that your Clio calendars, timers, tasks, and documents will be seamlessly updated so…

LawTap Appointment Booking Manager Logo
LawTap Appointment Booking Manager

Join 500+ law firms and start booking client appointments in less than 10 minutes with LawTap. Use the LawTap to Clio Integration to: 1. Instantly book appointments for your Clio…

LawDroid Logo

LawDroid is a chatbot that automates conversations and tasks so you can capture more leads, intake more clients, and handle more cases.

ScanSnap by Fujitsu Logo
ScanSnap by Fujitsu

ScanSnap scanners from Fujitsu take the complication out of document imaging with one-button ease of use. Perfect for home and small business environments, the ScanSnap family of scanners bring duplex…

Rainmaker Logo

Rainmaker is a cloud-based diagnostic tool that demystifies the law and brings lawyers and their clients closer together.

Mediascope by Copypants Logo
Mediascope by Copypants

Mediascope is a powerful search and match service that simplifies your eDiscovery process for Copyright litigation. Using machine learning, Mediascope crawls the web for infringing uses of your client’s images…

Repsight Logo

Repsight automates the collection of public reviews for your practice or firm on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Avvo. The number and score of your reviews is one of the most…

WealthCounsel Logo

WealthCounsel is a membership-based organization that provides estate and business planning attorneys with legal document drafting software, educational services and resources to build your practice, and nationwide networking opportunities in…

Klyant Logo

Klyant is the most comprehensive standalone cloud based legal accounting application for European law firms. Klyant’s bespoke system removes the need to manipulate general accounting systems to cater for trust/client money.…

FlexxLegal Logo

For law firms looking to enhance workflow optimization, reduce costs and have real-time access to minute books and client documents, FlexxLegal is the solution. Our intuitive legal document management software…

Medilenz Services Logo
Medilenz Services

Medilenz Services is an Artificial Intelligence assisted application and service that provides medical summaries for use by attorneys. Medical records from hospitals are indexed and a summary of important details…

Vonage for Clio Logo
Vonage for Clio

The average law firm misses out on thousands in revenue due to not properly tracking their phone records. Vonage’s Clio integration automatically logs data from any device—even mobile—making tracking simple,…

Lead Docket Logo
Lead Docket

Lead Docket provides tools to ensure timely follow-up with leads to increase your conversion rate. Stop trying to manage leads in your mailbox. Capture every lead from every source in…

Details Logo is the fastest-growing virtual receptionist and call service in North America, founded by a team from Google, Apple, and Intuit. Offering both inbound and outbound call services with per-call…

Embroker Logo

Embroker is the insurance brokerage built for today’s law firm: As the leading digital business insurance brokerage and risk management platform, Embroker provides technology that takes the pain out of…

DocketBird Logo

DocketBird enables lawyers to easily access their federal court ECF and PACER documents. When new documents are filed in your cases, we download them instantly and email PDF copies to…

Time Tracker by eBillity Logo
Time Tracker by eBillity

Time Tracker by eBillity was built for mobility. Lawyers love the convenience of on-the-go time tracking with our free mobile apps and web platforms. Our two-way data sync with Clio…

RightSignature Logo

Paperwork without the paper — or the work. RightSignature is the easiest, fastest way to get documents signed. With an elegant, intuitive user interface RightSignature replicates the pen-and-paper signing experience…

Amiqus ID Logo
Amiqus ID

What is Amiqus ID? Amiqus ID is an encrypted online tool for client-onboarding and transaction checks. It turns hours of paper-based admin into minutes of online compliance, keeping client data…

Hire an Esquire Logo
Hire an Esquire

Hire an Esquire is a tech-enabled legal staffing platform that connects law firms with over 6,000 vetted, on demand legal professionals for temporary, temp-to-perm and permanent needs, including: • Overflow…

Trustifi Logo

As more and more devastating ransomware cases threaten legal firms around the world, law offices must take steps to protect client privacy, prevent costly liability in a cyberattack, and preserve…

Unbundled Attorney Logo
Unbundled Attorney

Unbundled Attorney is a premium lead generation service that delivers exclusive leads directly into your inbox, Clio, or Lexicata account in real time. We work exclusively with family law, immigration…

Record Grabber Logo
Record Grabber

Retrieve medical records with ease! Record Grabber alleviates the hassle of retrieving medical records, giving you more time to focus on your business. Using your free account, you can make…

FamilyLaw.DivorceHelp123 Logo

FamilyLaw.DivorceHelp123 provides feature-rich online solutions for your deep and complex practice-area-specific needs such as the Financial Statement, Child Support Calculations/Worksheets, and Distribution of Assets spreadsheet. 123’s Client Portal and integration…

CloudMask Logo

CloudMask protects your data with End-to-End Encryption that does not get in the way of your business. Encrypt sensitive fields like PII and documents, and ensure that your data remains…

CaseMail Logo

CaseMail is a U.S. Courts approved cloud-based service that is quickly becoming the leading unified communications platform in the legal industry and is used by firms of all sizes. The…

Legaler Logo

Designed for the legal industry, Legaler provides a complete online meeting solution bringing all the tools you need to schedule, host, and archive meetings in one place. Most importantly, it’s…

Clause Logo

Clause is the world’s first smart legal contracting and contract management solution. Connect your contracts to a variety of data sources and systems, and access real-time information about the state…

PieSync Logo

PieSync integrates Clio with other apps for an automatic 2-way contact sync. Every time you add or update a contact in Clio, it is automatically synced with the other app,…

Zapier Logo

Zapier makes it easy for anyone to connect Clio to hundreds of web services, saving time, and improving productivity by automating tedious tasks.

My Legal Briefcase Logo
My Legal Briefcase

My Legal Briefcase is an innovative platform that provides efficient and democratic legal solutions for businesses and individuals. Clients are presented with an online questionnaire which they use to fill…

Docketwise Logo

Docketwise is fast, intelligent, and intuitive form preparation software for immigration lawyers. Prepare complete immigration applications, including all required forms and addenda, by answering simple and intuitive questions.

Fastcase Logo

Fastcase is the leading next-generation legal research service that puts a comprehensive national law library and powerful searching, sorting, and data visualization tools at your fingertips. Take advantage of industry-leading…

InvoiceSherpa Logo

Get invoices paid faster by automating your accounts receivable. InvoiceSherpa’s advanced invoice reminder and collection software automatically chases late invoices and integrates quickly with Clio. InvoiceSherpa is packed full of…

LawLytics Logo

LawLytics is the leading website system for small law firms that want their online marketing to work without wasting time or money. Unlike marketing agencies, LawLytics adapts as the law…

Alt Legal Logo
Alt Legal

Alt Legal’s award-winning IP docketing software automatically updates statuses and deadlines, collects IP information, and generates new IP filings. Solos, boutiques, and AM Law firms trust our software to handle…

Legalist Logo

Legalist is an AI-powered litigation finance company that can pay for your litigation costs. Get capital today for expert witness reports, depositions, and litigation costs, with no reduction to your…

Clocktimizer Logo

Clocktimizer’s natural language processing algorithms read time card narratives to provide actionable insights on matter management, budgeting, pricing and firm wide profitability analysis. Get the most out of Clio’s granular…

Chrometa “Passive” Timekeeping Logo
Chrometa “Passive” Timekeeping

Chrometa captures your time for you as you work on your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android. No need to start or stop timers. That’s all done for you. It’s like…

Factbox Logo

FactBox helps busy litigators connect all the facts, notes, and ideas in their cases. In FactBox you can easily create chronologies and timelines, link key facts to their supporting documents,…

CourtTrax Logo

CourtTrax provides real-time access to State and Federal courts across the US in an easy-to-use, uniform interface. By connecting your Clio account with CourtTrax, you will be able to tie…

Fundbox Logo

Fundbox provides funds to help you grow your business. By bringing sophisticated technology and data science together, Fundbox offers a faster, simpler, more transparent way to access business funding. We…

Bundledocs Logo

Take a load of documents directly from Clio or from anywhere. Bundledocs organizes them into a neat, numbered, sectioned booklet in minutes — ready to save, share, or print. No…

Intake123 Logo

Intake123 is a custom online form designer that manages the automatic intake of law firms’ prospects and clients, automatically adding and updating clients, matters, and other related contacts in Clio. Intake123…

WebMerge Logo

WebMerge automates your document creation so you can focus on your practice and client needs. Automatically merge Clio data into a PDF, Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation in…

PrimaFacie Logo

PrimaFacie is a stand-alone application that syncs with Clio to offer a complete case management system for immigration lawyers. PrimaFacie has a complete library of auto-filling USCIS, EOIR, ICE, ETA,…

Apptoto Logo

Apptoto provides fully automated appointment reminders (over SMS, voice calls, or emails) and integrates seamlessly with your Clio calendar. With powerful, flexible customization, your no-show rate will decrease while saving…

Vijilent Data-Portraits® Logo
Vijilent Data-Portraits®

Vijilent uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver reliable, real-time insights into individuals. Social media data is indispensable for capturing people insights involved in a case, which is ideal…

InfoTrack Logo

With InfoTrack, you have a broad legal ecosystem for your firm’s search needs. Their technology is smart, intuitive, and provides an unparalleled level of information procurement that your firm can…

AlphaDrive For Clio Logo
AlphaDrive For Clio

AlphaDrive is the easiest way to work with all your Clio documents. AlphaDrive lets you use Clio just as if it was a network file server, so you never have…

YoCierge Logo

YoCierge and Clio – a match made in the cloud! We specialize in record retrieval for law firms including HIPAA/HITRUST medical records and other employment or insurance documents. Basically, we…

NextChapter Logo

Bankruptcy Software for the Modern Attorney™ NextChapter is a cloud-based application created specifically for bankruptcy attorneys. NextChapter allows you to prepare, manage, and file bankruptcy cases online, and integrates fully…

JurisPage Logo

JurisPage is a website design and marketing agency exclusively for law firms. Founded by a lawyer, JurisPage has helped hundreds of law firms increase their visibility and grow their practice.…

Tali Logo

Tali is your timekeeping assistant that lets you log and track your time using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With Tali, users can eliminate the administrative burden of time entry…

Digitory Legal Logo
Digitory Legal

Digitory Legal is your automated pricing consultant. Digitory Legal solves the challenging and often time-consuming problem of creating legal budgets. Our web-based platform helps lawyers create accurate budgets in a…

Legalinc Logo

Through our integration with Clio, Legalinc lets you import your client’s data directly from Clio into your Legalinc dashboard with just a single click. No hassle, no duplicate entries. From…

Zipwhip Logo

Zipwhip is a cloud-based software that allows your firm to send and receive text messages from the firm’s existing business phone number. Attorneys and staff can facilitate and centrally manage…

Legably Logo

Legably is the modern online legal staffing platform that connects attorneys with other attorneys and firms in need of their services. An alternative to traditional staffing agencies and hiring processes,…

Traklight Logo

Traklight technology identifies potential legal matters, business risks, IP, and contract needs and recommends that users seek legal advice. Through integration with Clio, we streamline client intake and interviews for…

Name Warden Logo
Name Warden

Name Warden automatically dockets all USPTO trademark deadlines and tracks all of your international and state marks as well. Affordable, seamless, and very low friction, our users love us for…

DCS – Revolutionizing Estate Management Logo
DCS – Revolutionizing Estate Management

Directive Communication Systems (DCS) delivers a powerful solution to estate professionals and personal representatives to properly manage digital assets and their directives to ensure that all final wishes are recorded…

Lexop Logo

Helping firms save valuable time by simplifying the way they serve, share, and collect documents. Lexop simplifies the entire process and adds the reliability you need. We’re the communication suite…

TrustBooks Logo

TrustBooks is trust accounting software for small law firms. TrustBooks is designed specifically for attorneys to help them easily manage their client trust accounts and stay compliant with their State…

AgileLaw E-Exhibits Logo
AgileLaw E-Exhibits

AgileLaw replaces paper exhibits with electronic exhibits, allowing attorneys to conduct depositions with nothing but a laptop and tablet. Deposition participants view exhibits using a laptop browser or tablet device…

Just Click to File for Windows Logo
Just Click to File for Windows

Efficient email and time management is a challenge. With the right tools, you can make that job easier. Click to File for Windows is a tool that allows you to…

Click to File for Mac Mail Logo
Click to File for Mac Mail

Efficient email management is a challenge. With the right tools, you can make that job easier. Click to File for Mac Mail allows you to save each email sent or…

Ruby Receptionists Logo
Ruby Receptionists

Ruby Receptionists has provided personalized live, virtual receptionist services to small businesses throughout North America since 2003. Our delightful receptionists paired with smart technology has made Ruby a platform by…

DirectLaw Logo

DirectLaw is a secure, cloud-based solution that enables the delivery of online legal services. It combines a client-facing legal document automation platform and a virtual law office. With DirectLaw you…


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