Mediascope by Copypants

Mediascope is a powerful search and match service that simplifies your eDiscovery process for Copyright litigation. Using machine learning, Mediascope crawls the web for infringing uses of your client’s images and videos. Upon discovery, our robust ranking algorithm sorts and prioritizes your search results, allowing you to start stronger cases, more often.

Key Features

  • Start stronger cases, more often, with automatically generated documentary evidence reports that export directly to your Documents folder in Clio. Integrating Mediascope with your Clio account adds cases right to your existing list of Matters within Clio. Mediascope cases include a description of the matter, the originating attorney, the date the case was opened, and the documentary evidence report.

    Using machine learning, Mediascope automatically searches the entire web for matches of your client’s visual assets. Adding new content to Mediascope is a breeze. Mediascope connects to your clients’ websites, social media pages, and other image hosting sites. Periodic content syncs and regular searches ensure that all newly published images and videos are being monitored.

    Registering an account with Mediascope is as easy as logging in to your Clio account. By logging in with your Clio account, you can sign up, sync your clients’ information and all their content in under 2 minutes. There’s no need to juggle two separate contact books! Adding a new client in Mediascope automatically adds their name and information to your existing contact list in Clio.