DeedNetwork provides deed information and easy to use tools that include compliant deed templates, state & county forms and a recording fee calculator tool for fees and transfer tax for all 50 states. If you need help or prefer to outsource deed preparation, let us do the work for you.

Key Features

  • • Create UPL-Compliant deed templates, affidavits, and other real estate documents for all 50 states.

    • Calculate Recording Fee & Transfer Taxes with DeedNetwork’s fee calculator tool.

    • Access and complete required State and County forms to be filed with each deed.

    • View DeedNetwork’s notes on the “How To’s” for each state.

    With Clio-DeedNetwork integration you can:

    • Use data from Matters and client addresses from Clio to pre-populate templates and forms.

    • Upload completed documents back into the Matter directly.

    • Request to have deeds prepared for you for any state and county.

    • Upload your own custom templates for use. These can be any kind of template like a trust or will or other regularly used templates you want to use in a cloud-based app.