Easily explain documents to clients using screen recordings.
Available in Canada, Europe, the United States
Starting at $49 per month USD
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Revolutionize Your Client Communication

    Increase client understanding when you explain documents to your client via screen recording. It's easy to use, password-protected, and inexpensive. Clients prefer it to live explanations because they can rewind.
  • Be a Negotiation Rock Star

    Your DocuPlayer video will feel like a live demonstration of audio arguments plus visuals to your opposing counsel. The increased persuasive impact will change how you negotiate.
  • Free Your Schedule

    By communicating with screen recordings, you can relay information on your own time and gain more control over your day. The result? You save time and head home earlier.

How DocuPlayer works with Clio

  • Clio + DocuPlayer allows attorneys and staff to easily record and connect video explanations to a specific Clio document. After saving document to Clio, click Record Video to create a screen recording of the document on your screen + your audio explanation as you scroll through it. You can then share the video with your client via a password-protected link.

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