For law firms looking to enhance workflow optimization, reduce costs and have real-time access to minute books and client documents, FlexxLegal is the solution. Our intuitive legal document management software helps you become more productive by improving how you work, without completely changing the way you work.

Key Features

  • • Provide your clients (and their accountants) secure access to their minute books at any time.
    • Request signatures and/or payments through our seamless integration with DocuSign, reducing the administrative time required.
    • Allow clients and accountants to upload documents through FlexxLegal and have your staff process the documents before they make it into the minute book.
    • Move documents back and forth between FlexxLegal and Clio to ensure you have the information you require where you need it
    • Move your communication out of email and into our conversation tool, which allows you to quickly find all past communication regarding a minute book, and provides an added level of security to the information being sent.