Legal Gantt

Web-based software delivering stronger attorney-client outcomes
Available in Canada, the United States
Starting at $35 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Automate & Simplify your Workflow

    Set reminders, automate updates, and assign tasks to internal and external legal matter stakeholders. Minimize phone calls, emails, & update meetings. Allow clients to track their matter with template & custom timeline options. Maintain all matter documents, messages, and changes in a simplified one-stop shop.
  • Share, Store, and E-Sign Documents

    Request, receive, and share documents for legal matters. Complete document requirements with Legal Gantt Journey's e-signature integration. Collaborate through our Inbox feature for better case outcomes.
  • Customize the attorney-client experience

    Improve customer retention and referrals by optimizing communication. Educate clients on legal proceedings & terminology with default timeline explanations. Protect attorney-client privilege.

How Legal Gantt works with Clio

  • Import Contacts from Clio
    Pull contact and client information from your Clio account for easy Legal Gantt set-up.
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