LegalMate Allocate

Automatically allocate fees between your attorneys in the cloud via Clio.
Available in Canada, the United States
Starting at
$99 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Automatically allocate fees

    Automatically allocate your fees in a few clicks. This will save you from having to manually calculate all allocations every payroll cycle from a spreadsheet and giving you back 2-3 hours per week.
  • Easily allocate fees

    Use your own default settings for responsible and originating attorneys, which simplifies the allocation of fees for hourly or flat billing matters.
  • Simplify complex billing and matters

    For all your complex bills and matters, use helpful templates to automate different fee allocations.You can also setup custom fields inside Clio to help over-ride different allocation for attorneys.

How LegalMate Allocate works with Clio

    • Using Clio’s “Sign in with Clio’, we sync all your billing data for each attorney to help calculate the appropriate fee allocation.
    • After setting up defaults, you can generate a report for allocated fees for your attorneys and non-attorney staff.
    • You can also setup custom fields inside Clio to help override different allocation for attorneys.
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