Milestone Time

Hands-free time tracking with Amazon Alexa
Available in the United States
Starting at $30 per month USD

Key benefits for your firm

  • Improve Time Tracking Accuracy

    Using voice commands makes time tracking effortless, unintrusive, and fast, bringing more accuracy and more time billed. No need to switch windows, login, find the right codes etc. Just tell Alexa what you are billing, and she will handle all the details.
  • Increase Billing

    With more accurate time tracking you can increase billable hours for the work you are already doing. No need to try to remember how long you worked on a task earlier that day or week. Track your time in the moment without interrupting your flow.

How Milestone Time works with Clio

  • Seamless Integration From Alexa to Clio

    First, enable the Milestone Time Skill on your Alexa device. Next, link your Amazon account to Milestone using Alexa. Finally, link Milestone and Clio.

    Matters and Activity codes are given short speakable names within the Milestone Time web portal to simplify spoken time entry. Then, you simply tell Alexa: “Start logging time on the Jones Case”

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