PrimaFacie is a stand-alone application that syncs with Clio to offer a complete case management system for immigration lawyers. PrimaFacie has a complete library of auto-filling USCIS, EOIR, ICE, ETA, and DS forms. PrimaFacie also has DOS Visa Bulletin date tracking, USCIS receipt checking, and a client portal where you can share information and collaborate on tasks such as entering data, filling out forms, uploading checklist items, and checking case status.

Key Features

  • By syncing your account with Clio, you can quickly import contacts and generate immigration forms for them, avoiding duplicate data entry. For more convenience, contacts, cases, notes, and tasks are automatically synced between Clio and PrimaFacie. Creation of a contact or case in PrimaFacie automatically creates a corresponding contact and matter inside of Clio.