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Convert paper documents into searchable digital documents and go paperless
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Key benefits for your firm

  • Intuitive Touch Experience

    - Rotate pages after scanning, or use automatic orientation with the Pro Scanner - Add, remove and reorder pages after scanning - Zoom and crop areas of scanned pages before sending
  • Endless File Destinations

    - Scan directly into your favorite cloud services including Raven Cloud, Box, Clio, DEVONThink, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, SharePoint, NeatFiles, NeatBooks and Quickbooks Online - Scan directly to USB flash drive, FTP, SMB and NAS - Scan directly to email addresses or FAX numbers
  • Why Raven Cloud is Different

    - Unlimited Storage for all your scanned files & documents! - AI-Powered Machine Learning Text and Handwriting Recognition (OCR) - Document PDF Editing (combine, reorder, annotate, highlight, sign, crop, rotate and more)

How Raven Scanner works with Clio

  • The Raven Scanner integration with Clio allows users to scan directly into Clio. Steps to follow: 1. Create a free account on 2. Connect your Clio Manage Account as a destination. 3. Scan the documents directly to your Clio Manage Account using any model of our Raven Scanners!

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