Smart Dockets™ Mobile App

The Clio-Smart Dockets™ integration helps users instantly access 1,400+ Federal, State, and Local rule-based deadlines and leverage them in their workflow. All Rule Sets are meticulously supported and maintained by Smart Docket™’s in-house team of U.S. licensed attorneys and paralegals.

Key Features

  • Clio customers that use the Smart Dockets™ mobile app take a huge step towards reducing their firm’s malpractice risk and making their workflow more efficient.

    Over 40% of legal Malpractice Claims are directly attributable to calendaring errors; the Smart Dockets™ mobile app helps law firms get control of court deadlines and keep their teams on track.

    By using the Smart Dockets™ mobile app to Clio, users can instantly access over 1,400 Federal, State, and Local court rules and leverage them in their case workflow. With the Smart Dockets™ mobile app, Clio users can:
    - Reduce their firm’s risk by incorporating case, event, and deadline dates directly into Clio case management workflows.
    - Improve collaboration with their peers and have better coordination among teams through calendar integration.
    - Access national court rule sets from anywhere, any time.
    - Quickly and easily calculate court deadlines and timeline scenarios from their mobile device.
    - Run reports for upcoming event dates and share them across teams in either PDF or HTML formats.

    Best of all, working with Smart Dockets™ is easy. Rule sets automatically populate based on selected federal, state, or local court and case activity. Deadlines can easily be emailed to attorneys; key legal staff can also review and docket directly into a firm's calendar to minimize missed dates.