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Remote Law Firm Essentials to Maximise Efficiency, Security and Scalability

Join us Wednesday, July 17th at 12PM AEST

With the rise and adoption of cloud-based tools over the past few years, more and more law firms are managing at least a part of their functions virtually.

Although remote work offers convenience and flexibility, creating a fully secure and optimised model remains a crucial challenge.

Whether you’re optimising your workflow for on-the-go efficiency or preparing to launch a virtual-first firm, this session offers valuable insights on successfully implementing a secure and efficient remote/hybrid model at your firm.

This webinar will be CPD accredited.

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During this webinar, you’ll learn about how remote law:

  • Liberates you from the constraints of a location, streamlines monotonous tasks and unlocks the potential for automation and AI integration
  • Ensures your client data is safeguarded at all times with robust security measures
  • Empowers your staff to get more work done and expand your client base

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Caralee Fontenele


Caralee is the passionate driving force behind the Collective Family Law Group based in South East Queensland, Australia. She founded her firm in 2012 to bring positive change to the family law space for both clients and employees.

Leading a law firm and legal team made Caralee realise it can be a lonely journey. So she was inspired to develop and found her business Scalable Law, which supports entrepreneurial law firm owners to scale without burnout. Over the last couple of years since starting Scalable Law, Caralee has helped more than 120 law firm owners to increase their profit freedom so that they can achieve their dreams as law firm owners.

Adriano Famularo


Adriano brings over four years of experience in the Legal Tech industry, where he has dedicated himself to supporting lawyers in optimising their daily workflows and expanding their businesses.

With a deep passion for enhancing the legal profession, Adriano possesses a comprehensive understanding of both the unique challenges faced by lawyers and the intricacies of running a successful legal practice. By providing invaluable insights and crafting innovative solutions, he consistently strives to achieve positive outcomes for his clients.