10 Reasons to Attend the Clio Cloud Conference

Why should you attend the Clio Cloud Conference? We’ve complied 10 more to convince you to come to the best legal technology conference ever!

1. Fall deeply in love with the law again.

It’s time to renew your excitement for the work that you do. We’ve invited leading minds in the fields of law and technology; previous speakers include David Wilkins, Dahlia Lithwick, Jack Newton, John Suh and many, many more.

2. Get technical with Clio.

Go ahead, get technical. Enjoy a rare inside look at Clio, hand-in-hand with the designers and developers who are behind your favorite features. Share your needs and make suggestions in this unique experience.


3. Tremendous training and stupendous support.

It’s time for some hands-on training with the people who built the products you use. Enjoy face-to-face and personalized training with amazing support professionals.


4. Industry trendsetters setting industry trends.

Elevate your abilities and uplift your practice at the year’s most incredible legal technology conference. Discuss the leading industry trends with the industry trendsetters themselves!


5. You get schooled. In a good way.

School’s in session, and that’s a good thing. This is the best time to learn new things to implement that will improve your practice and your bottom-line, and get CLE credit in the process!

6. Cross-examine some rockstars.

Meet the rock stars of the legal and technology industries. Take advantage of extended Q&A sessions with the best and brightest, in-person.


7. Experience, test, tryout.

Evaluate and test new tech solutions for your firm. Come prepared to discuss your problems and be prepared to find your solution.

8. Penny for your thoughts.

Share your insights with other like minded, forward-thinking legal professionals. All good zen-masters and legal-guru’s know, you don’t start learning until you start teaching.


9. Meet the competition.

The best way to conduct a quality competitive analysis, is while having cocktails with your competition. Learn first-hand techniques, procedures, tip and tricks from your peers.

10. Nourish your mind and your stomach.

Conferences are a lot like weddings; the food can make or break you. Fortunately, we take our stomachs very seriously. All of the fabulous foodstuffs (breakfast, lunch, snacks) and delectable drinks are included.


11. Laugh, a lot.

(Special bonus reason, because why not?)

Get your groove on and enjoy a hosted night of drinks, food, and dancing at a legendary venue. Plus, don’t forget about this year’s exclusive event in New Orleans.

But don’t take our word for it. See what attendees said last year and then experience it for yourself!

There’s still room at Clio Cloud Conference 2017 for a few more legal professionals. Register for your ticket today.

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