5 Ways Lawyers Can Use IFTTT

In an era where every moment counts and people are busier than ever before, automation of ANY process can help spare you the time and tedium necessary to complete tasks. Enter ‘If This Then That’ (or IFTTT), a web service designed to completely automate communication between…well, anything, really (save for your clients).

By using IFTTT’s amazingly comprehensive list of pre-existing recipes, users are able to streamline communication between most existing web services, allowing for seamless, behind-the-scenes automation of their daily tasks. We’ve included five of our favorite lawerly recipes below for your convenience.

Preserve and monitor your social media presence

Worried about running afoul of advertising regulations on social media? There are a number of IFTTT recipes that archive and back up all social media posts to Evernote for a robust, searchable archive of all of your social media posts.

Transcribe and archive voicemail communications

By using IFTTT’s phone recipes, you can have voicemails transcribed and saved to an Evernote notebook, your Gmail inbox, and more. You can also use these recipes to dictate voice notes to yourself simply by calling an IFTTT-specific phone number.

Share new blog posts via your LinkedIn profile

Blogging is a great way to build influence and share knowledge online, and LinkedIn is arguably the most effective social network for expanding your professional influence. Use this recipe to automatically share your blog posts to your personal LinkedIn profile.

Automatically silence your phone when you enter a courthouse

Nothing can raise the ire of a judge faster than an errant phone ringing during opening arguments. By using iOS or Android location geotags, you can ensure your phone is automatically silenced the moment you arrive. Also great for: church, school, and date night.

Receive a weekly digest of new bills signed into law by the POTUS

Want to stay on top of the newest laws? Simply enable this recipe to receive a weekly digest. The ultimate goal of any professional should be to automate as much of their workflow as necessary. With the existing and rapidly growing IFTTT recipe database, lawyers can now automate a lot of their daily activities on the web, giving them more time to focus on the practice of law.

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