8 Black Friday Gifts for Lawyers Who Love Tech

Whether you have a fellow lawyer friend or want to spoil yourself this Black Friday/Cyber Monday, we’ve got some gift ideas—some for work, some for play, and some for both. Check out this list of Black Friday gifts for lawyers who love tech that Jeff Taylor, The Droid Lawyer, recommends for tech-loving lawyers:

ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-N900 Gigabit Router

There’s nothing worse than waiting ages for a website or video to load—and then repeating the process for the next hour of browsing the web. The ASUS N900 router boasts incredible speed and range, so that you can get high-speed Internet in your office. Because no one should have to wait for videos to buffer in the 21st century.

Google Chromecast

TV is so much more than cable. Now yours can be too! With this small plug-in and wi-fi, you can link your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to your TV through its HDMI port. Take your small screen to the big(ger) screen—and it’s not just for movies either. Clio’s got Chrome and Gmail extensions, so just in case your eyes are getting tired from reading off that laptop screen…

ASUS Chromebook

Hell is a place with unreliable wi-fi. And this laptop doesn’t need it to get online—it’s got LTE. Bonus: it weighs in at a light 3.1 pounds, is only 0.9 inches thick, and gives you 10 hours of battery life. Not a bad option for the always-on-the-go lawyer.

Nexus 9

If you want something a little more functional than a smartphone but don’t want to lug a laptop around, you might want to look into a tablet. It lets you browse the web, watch movies, listen to music—pretty much everything you need to stay connected. You can even get the optional magnetic keyboard to type more easily and get more done.


Meet Nest, the best friend of the home (and small business) of the future. It’s a smart thermostat that optimizes the temperature by learning your habits and comings-and-goings. Instead of leaving your home or office at one temperature all year, Nest can automatically adjust it for you—it claims to lower your heating and cooling bills by up to 20%.


Going on vacation? Want to create a brand video for your firm? GoPro can take care of both for you by capturing professional quality 1080-pixel (i.e. super high-res) videos. It even has built-in wi-fi so that you can upload your videos to YouTube and Facebook.

OnePlus One

It’s not an iPhone. It’s not one of the galaxies. But it is a “Flagship Killer.” Brought to you by OnePlus, a technology startup, the OnePlus One features a 13-megapixel camera, runs on a super-efficient processor, and is beautifully designed. Oh, and not everyone can get one; it’s invite-only. Will this be the answer to the $700 phone?


The leading cloud-based practice management solution (that would be us) is offering an exclusive bundle for lawyers looking to migrate their practice to the cloud in anticipation of the new year, including free data migration, one-on-one onboarding, our new Clio Product Pro training and certification, and a free guide detailing your first 30 days in Clio. Legal professionals looking to leverage the flexibility and cost efficacy of the cloud will want to take advantage of this deal to ensure they hit the ground running in the new year. A very happy and healthy Thanksgiving and a hopefully calm and composed Black Friday to you and yours from the Clio team!

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