Top Reasons to Adopt a Mobile Practice

The advantages of integrating tools into your workflow that allow you to adopt a mobile practice range from practical, economical long-term improvements, to personal ideals and perks. We’ve identified the core benefits of shifting features of your workflow to a more mobile version, and provided some resources on how to do so.

Save on overheads, add value to your work

In theory, the cost of running a law firm is relatively low — all you need is a computer, a phone, and a location from which you can work. The overheads involved with starting a brick and mortar law firm, however, can range dramatically  – especially when done with a more traditional approach, with on-premise technology, and inefficient advertising methods. These overheads are a wasteful use of resources for lawyers starting their entrepreneurial journey, especially for solos.

A mobile practice eliminates rent and the affiliated charges of managing a second property. By optimizing your tech spend you can save on quite a few extortionate long term costs. On-premise solutions, hardware, paper files, and more are all unnecessary spends and, at the end of the day, don’t dictate whether or not you are fruitfully able to practice law. Eliminate these costs and enjoy the rewards.  

Secure your clients’ data and the legitimacy of your practice

The constant stream of law firms moving towards paperless and mobile infrastructures has resulted in a myriad of security issues regarding the storing of information in the cloud. Cybersecurity standards for lawyers are becoming increasingly ingrained into due diligence standards and requirements within the profession – and so mobile lawyering is now a monitored, secure, and accepted way of practicing law.

Clio integration partners and cloud-based storage platforms such as Dropbox, Box, and NetDocuments must adhere with strict data and security measures in order to have a stake in the market and facilitate the storage of individuals’ data and information.

Tip: Enable your mobile device and apps with Two-Factor Authentication settings for an added degree of security.

Live a flexible lifestyle as an Agile Lawyer

Lawyers work an average of nine hours a day between their home and office. Given that every practice type is different, that average does not take into account meetings, court appearances, and client demands. Mobile lawyering gives you the flexibility to not only cater your schedule and work day to your client, case, and practice needs,  but it also injects agility into how you practice law.

Be responsive to your surroundings and explore how you can practice as an Agile Lawyer. The future of Lean Law is now, and mobile lawyering is one change that can inject efficiency not only into your day but into your entire law firm growth and long-term effectiveness as a lawyer and business owner.

Can lawyers have a work-life balance?

A busy practicing attorney can’t condense a workday into an eight or nine hour segment or close their office door in the evening and leave their work behind. Practicing law is increasingly a lifestyle and not just a profession. It’s integral, therefore, that like any lifestyle, it contains a balance between profitable work and off-the-clock activities.

Creating a mobile practice allows you to work as much as you choose, without limiting yourself to a particular location or schedule. Although achieving “balance” may be difficult for some, enabling yourself with the tools to have a mobile practice gives you the option to curate the lifestyle that suits your needs. It also gives you the  freedom to facilitate new hobbies or vacations, ultimately resulting in a healthier mindset and improved well-being.  

Want to see the benefits of a mobile practice? Try Clio’s cloud-based legal practice management software for free today, and take your practice on the go.

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