How Smart Law Firms are Going Mobile—and How Yours Can Too

Modernizing an age-old practice is a common challenge for lawyers. For a traditional brick-and-mortar business, flexibility and remote work options are no longer just privileges, however. While only 2.3% of workers telecommuted in 2001, an astonishing 24% telecommute today.  

Why? The shift is largely due to the introduction of affordable mobile technology, the increase in unnecessary office overhead, and the shifting needs of clients—in a world where customer service is less face-to-face and more need-to-result.

Having a mobile law firm is the ideal solution, in theory. Yet there are still productivity gaps to be filled when moving from the office to working from a coffee shop, or on the beach—especially when coordinating with a secretary or partner.

One of the greatest fears in adopting a more mobile workplace is compromising productivity. Will your associates be less productive working from home? How will you know if a mobile practice is truly working for everyone in your firm—and for your clients? Do you have the tools available to collaborate, and to know when to move on to your next case?

Clio’s latest Advanced Tasks and Advanced Reporting features (for Elite plan subscribers only) ensure you’ll maintain—if not increase—productivity and collaboration within a mobile practice.

Advanced Tasks lets you set task types, task statuses, and time estimates. Assign them to yourself or a co-worker, set project due-dates, and monitor the status of a workflow. Advanced Reporting lets you review tasks completed by type and user to see what type of work is best accomplished in an office, at home, or on-the-go.

  • Create transparent workflows for your team and identify roadblocks early.
  • Track how long it takes certain users to do certain tasks by viewing time estimates versus actual completion times.
  • Let firm members own projects and present data-driven results—regardless of location.
  • Monitor and track productivity with Advanced Reporting, and compare days spent in the office with Clio logins.
  • Collaborate with staff, know when your next task will start, and ensure you have an accurate gauge of bandwidth at all times.

Advanced Tasks are also available on the Clio mobile app (for Elite plan subscribers), so any team member can check in and update task statuses from the palm of their hand.

Workflows may shift with the introduction of new tools. But if you’re using the right tools to make a switch, embracing change can bring big rewards. Use Advanced Tasks to collaborate remotely and with confidence.

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