An Agile Mindset before Workflow

Customer value is the only goal, efficiency is a desirable side effect. 

Structure your Agile mindset before integrating your workflow and prepare for success.


An Agile workflow is based on visibility and responsiveness – practices that are in stark contrast to the usual day-to-day of most law firms, where tasks are shrouded in ambiguity and involve a high degree of planning.

What do you want your business to accomplish? Make it your mission to create a more flexible, client-facing workflow. Enable yourself with the tools to leverage your flexibility, to view and address bottlenecks for the benefit of customers. Although lawyers are skilled professionals – everyone can benefit from feedback! The retrospective element of lean law must be embraced when implementing Agile practices in order to properly succeed.


In the practice of law, it’s not entirely necessary to appropriate a philosophical degree of vision to the work you do. As an entrepreneur, service provider and provider of justice, however, it is good to begin a task with a perception of what you would like the world to look like after you have completed it. This should be your vision as an Agile Lawyer.

Create active reminders of this mission by way of visibility on your Kanban boards and work space. This encourages feedback, motivation and incentive to succeed for your vision and overall business.


Value can be defined as “Benefit – Investment”. It can often be said that lawyers lack value tools, and so understanding what this value is, both from a client and attorney standpoint, is key to achieving the best return-on-investment (ROI), for your Agile efforts. Identify how this definition relates to your practice, and the objectives to achieve it will fall into place.

This should aim to bridge the gap between the benefit you get from your new Agile workflow, and the investment you make.

By making customer value your goal, the top Agile benefits should follow. 

  • Manage changing priorities 
  • Increase team productivity 
  • Improve project visibility 

Before you freefall into life as an Agile Lawyer, learn how the productivity secrets of giants apply to law firms. 

Our latest free, Clio webinar, features Joshua Lenon (Clio lawyer-in-resident), Jack Newton (Clio CEO and LCCA Founding Member) and John Grant JD (Agile Certified Scrum Master, Founder of

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