Attorney Melissa Conner Loves Clio Customer Support

ConnerI’m Melissa Conner, a bankruptcy attorney. A little over a year ago, I gave Clio a try. I chose Clio because they took the time to answer my questions, they helped me set up my account–they were real people. I’ve been almost perfectly happy with the choice I made since then. They had a great product when I started using it, and they’ve been making it better and better.

I say, “almost” because there was one little issue that came up for me. It was such a small issue, but it was like a paper cut: tiny and superficial and unbelievably annoying. The problem was this: if you used custom matter numbering, and you included the month the matter was opened in the number, the first nine months only consisted of 1 digit, while the last three months consisted of 2 digits. The problem with this is that January looks a lot like October and when you’re filing, October, November and December would come before February.

I called Clio to point out the problem, but I got off the phone feeling like there was little chance that this would ever be addressed. It’s understandable; I’m sure they have a lot of other work to do, and this was such a small issue. I tried to just deal with it.

Try as I might, I just couldn’t adjust to the inconsistency in the matter numbering, so I started looking for their competitors. Clio support noticed this, and reached out to me. A Customer Support Manager called me within minutes, and she told me that she would address the problem. In approximately 24 hours, my issue was fixed. I was sort of shocked. Who does that? I would never expect a company to actually update their software because I really, really want all months to consist of two digits.

So, while I was temporarily frustrated with Clio, I am once again amazed by how responsive and helpful the company is. They really go above and beyond. I’m very happy to be a Clio customer.

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