Black Friday for Lawyers: Thinking Skill Sets not Gift Sets

**Note: This promotion has ended.**

I’m not one to buy into the hysteria of seasonal consumerism. When bourbon is a “seasonal” flavor that can be added to anything, maybe I’ll head to Starbucks. (It’s a legitimate suggestion).

So begins the onslaught of a weekend of “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” deals and a bombarding of cut-price, time-conscious offers on everything from hot pots, to hover boards, the useful and most definitely useless. While it kills me a little inside, I’m at least willing to negotiate my spending habits for the sake of legal practice innovation.

Not to keep you from leftovers and flash sales, I’ve narrowed down three of the best purchases to make this weekend. Inject a whole other degree of actual value into your legal practice that you won’t want to return next week.

One purchase for a virtual practice.

With the 2015 ABA Legal Technology Survey finding that tablet use has increased in firms by an average of 20% year upon year since 2012, there’s no denying their versatility and usefulness to the lawyers in any type of practice. A happy medium between PC and mobile technology, tablets are increasingly a go-to for lawyers, especially as “office hours” are transitioning from the norm of a bricks and mortar set up to a clicks and mortar setting. 91% of respondents to the ABA’s 2015 survey work on mobile devices regularly at home, in hotels (74%), and in transit (68%).

Document creation, communication, business transactions and more can be done by even the less tech-competent of lawyers. With most tech retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon are offering an average of $100 off Apple products, and other market leaders such as Microsoft and Android tablets providing competitive prices, it’s a good time to make the investment.

Get your legal game into shape.

The era of gym membership gifting and bonuses are pretty much redundant. Even Arnie has traded in his spandex for suits. An active lifestyle is increasingly encouraged by health professionals, and this can be incorporated into your day in any amount of ways – which has led to increased interest in gadgets such as “Fitbit”.

It’s not all about buying into a style or fitness fad, however. Fitbit has also come to relevance in the legal sphere, with certain controversy regarding the utility of wearable tech and GPS enabled devices playing a role in discovery proceedings. Data is increasingly dominating the evidence game, and is finding its place in the courtroom at a rapid rate. With Fitbit data pivotal to certain personal injury claims, it’s not surprising.

With the increase in wearable tech in courtrooms, an increased ethical duty on lawyers to be tech competent (now a requirement in 17 states) – and even a specific requirement of e-discovery competence for Californian lawyers – it’s time to get ahead of your potential clients and have an idea what’s going. (Chic accessorising, legal research, and gym membership is now all possible in one. You’re welcome).

The Gift That Keeps on Giving.

You may be the lawyer that has everything you need in a practice. A great document creation system, all the legal accounting software, maybe even a delightful paralegal and complimentary online ad for your services.

How about treating yourself or gifting all of that to someone else? Gift professional and economic growth, all assistance required to do so, and simplify all existing processes involved in running a legal practice. It’s not a miracle – it’s just the right legal practice management software.

Don’t make me do the crazed, pumpkin infused seasonal sales pitch. You will, however, save on long and short term costs and, genuinely boost your overall practice worth with a purchase before Monday! Have a Happy Holiday from Clio! 

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