Clio Cloud Conference Bug Smash

48 hours, 17 bug fixes, 4 feature improvements, and a lot of happy Clio customers.

The Clio Cloud Conference may happen just once a year, but it provides an opportunity to highlight an unfaltering element of what Clio does. Almost 365 days a year—on-call, on-demand—we’re improving our product and responding to our customers’ needs. We take this one step further when we get to interact with them, face-to-face. Our customers are our product experts—so we love asking them what updates and feature they need to make their day easier. Then we make it happen—on the ground, in two days, during the Clio Cloud Conference. 48 hours to take suggestions, smash some bugs, and build a better product. So, what requests did we receive?

Ability to Filter by ‘Originating Attorney’

Margaret asked us:  “In the Bills section, I’d like the ability to filter Billable Clients by “Originating Attorney” instead of only by “Responsible Attorney.”

This update will help Margaret to more easily find the clients she needs to bill, so that she can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time billing.

Add “Originating Attorney” to Work in Progress Report

Margaret also told us: “When generating the Work in Progress Report, I need to filter by “Originating Attorney” instead of only by “Responsible Attorney.”

She can now generate reports for the attorney she needs, allowing her to better stay on top of firm management.

Task Details in Email Notifications

Alexander asked for: “Task details (name and description) in email notifications for assigned or completed tasks.”

 This update provides more context for notification emails received by Task creators and assignees. Now, they will immediately see the details of the Task without first having to log into Clio.

The results?

“Ask and you shall receive! Steven Harbaruk (Product Manager) and Michael Cheung (Software Developer) made my dreams come true! I’m so happy I asked yesterday!”  – Margaret Sollars.

“These guys are the best! I came into the Clio Lab at 12:30 pm and asked for a bunch of new features. By the afternoon, the first two have already been added to Clio—and it turns out three of the others already existed. I just hadn’t noticed them!” – Alexander Paykin.

Our product is always evolving, and new features are consistently being added. However, Clio is focused not only on growth and innovation but also on ensuring that the user experience for existing customers is what they expected when they started managing their practice with us. Clio is constantly fine-tuning the specifics to make managing your practice as seamless as possible.

Discover all of our improvements announced at the 2016 Clio Cloud Conference.

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