Clio in the Field: Warnken, LLC

Warnken, LLC is a four-lawyer Baltimore area law firm. We focus on workers’ compensation, personal injury and criminal law. We also represent police officers and we are general counsel to the Maryland Troopers Association, the largest labor organization of Maryland state troopers.

We used to be six lawyers, and had the need for a full-time office administrator. He was a talented guy, a jack-of-all-trades, and handled “the running of the office,” not the least of which was the law firm’s books and computer network.

The network consisted of a $6,000 server, various small law firm software programs, daily tape backups and a third-party email vendor. “The network” also meant our administrator spent a few hours configuring a new computer for any new attorney or support staff member.

WarnkenLogo-BlogjpegAs we focused on profitability and finally decided to do less and make more, we remade ourselves in some ways. We had to cut costs while maintaining or increasing our revenue level. We also decided we needed to move from our homemade “case management system” to something more formal, designed specifically to optimize how we manage our business.

We looked at Clio, Rocket Matter and a number of others referenced by the American Bar Association. Ultimately, it was vital to us that the company we went with was going to “survive.” The thought of uploading a ton of data only to have the company go belly-up and say, “Here, come take your data back” was a frightening proposition. Our due diligence showed Clio was both well-funded and well-positioned in the market.

Many lawyers have some concerns about data being “in the cloud.” We do not feel this is an issue at all. Moreover, going with Clio means we’re actually more secure than our old system. Clio keeps a record of everything that happens – every single log-in, change, update, etc. This kind of logging is not properly monitored on many networks. If our old system was compromised, there’s a chance we’d never even know it. With Clio, we’ll know it immediately.

Also, if you have a network and you access it remotely or get to the Internet from your network, you might as well be “in the cloud.”

There are little quirks here and there. We have certainly said, “But we used to do it this way…” However, on the whole, after two months with Clio, we’re ecstatic. We feel like we made the right choice.

Good technology is not an option in a small law firm – you must have it. A network administrator is not an option in a small law firm – you can’t afford it. Clio fits right in the middle.  

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