Clio This Month: Change is in the Air

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Change is in the air. The clocks are rolling back. The nights are drawing in—and, depending on where you’re located, it could be starting to snow soon!

At Clio, we’re continuing to change too—improving how you manage your day with updates based on customer feedback. Read about them below, and also learn about your last chance to get early access to a new customer experience platform, and how to get better rates and options for credit card processing.

Clio Grow early access (last chance)

Improving your client intake processes and creating a better client experience can lead to positive reviews and referrals to help grow your firm. And, with the right tools, making this change is easier than you think.

In case you missed it, Clio CEO and Co-founder Jack Newton proudly announced Clio’s acquisition of CRM and client intake platform Lexicata during the opening keynote of the 2018 Clio Cloud Conference.

Jack also announced Clio Grow, which will leverage the powerful client intake workflows, customized form and document builders, and insightful analytics of Lexicata,—evolving into a complete client experience platform. This platform will integrate effortlessly with Clio’s practice management platform, streamlining the entire client journey from intake to invoice.

As we prepare to launch Clio Grow in early 2019, you have a final opportunity to get early access to this platform, preview its functionality, and even purchase for an early access price (available for a limited time only).

Reduced processing fees—and a free LawPay account

In order to create an optimal billing and payments system for you and your clients, we’ve continued to enhance our credit card processing system of choice—Clio Payments.

PayPal users: Did you know that you can save an average of 67% in processing fees using Clio Payments*? For our Canadian friends, these savings reach an almost as impressive 66.9%**. (Note: This isn’t considering additional on-premise fees for those using on-premise terminals.)

Use LawPay? You should know that we love our integration with LawPay so much that we will waive your $20 LawPay fee once you switch to Clio Payments. This also applies to Clio customers currently using LawPay (including previous versions such as LawPay Legacy and 2.0).

When you sign up for Clio Payments, you’ll also be able to access other helpful features within Clio—such as Payment Plans and customized Secure Payment Pages—to help your firm get paid even more efficiently. These features are available exclusively in the new Clio experience.

Getting access is easy! Ask your Clio account administrator to sign up today.

Drag and drop column reordering

Effortlessly customize the order of your information with drag-and-drop column reordering for data tables in Clio’s Matters, Contacts, Notes, Activities, Communications, Accounts and Bills. You can also easily maintain your customized information display in CSV reports that export unique table column arrangements.

Resized data table width saving

Stop adjusting your column widths! You can now save your resized data table column widths to best suit your needs, based on screen size and legibility.

The new Clio experience is here to stay

Since the introduction of the New Clio Experience, we’ve launched some of our most popular features of all time, including:

And much, much more. As we move into 2019, we will be removing access to the previous Clio experience to ensure we’re channeling all of our resources into one platform with the new Clio experience—so that we can provide you with the fastest and most efficient updates possible.

If you have questions about moving to the new Clio experience, take some time to review some of the key updates, and our award-winning Support team can walk you through any changes you encounter along the way.

That’s it for this month! Stay tuned for more updates as we head towards the end of the year.

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*Based on using non-specialty cards and valid rates as of November 7, 2018

** Based on using non-specialty cards and valid rates as of November 7, 2018

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