Clio This Month: Integrated Document Editing and Clever Clio Uses

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Summer is almost here! We’ve got lots of ways to help you streamline your day so that you can get out and enjoy the sunshine.

This month, we’re talking about document editing in Clio, and about clever ways you can use Clio with some of the world’s most popular apps. We’ll also take a look at how Clio Connect works—from your client’s perspective.

Integrated document editing

Clio already integrates with industry leaders such as Box and Dropbox to make document management a breeze for lawyers. Now, lawyers can make using their document management software even more effortless and efficient with AlphaDrive for Clio.

Alphadrive is a plugin that lets you create a local folder that syncs to Clio Documents. When you update a document in AlphaDrive, it automatically syncs to Clio—no need to download and upload documents when editing.

Want to see it in action? Start your free 10-day trial of AlphaDrive with your Clio account*.

*Currently available for PC only. Mac version in beta, and coming soon.

Clever Clio Uses: 3 Apps to power up your practice

People, including lawyers, are spending more and more time on their devices, but most spend 84% of their time using just five apps. Everyone has their favorites!

With Clio, there’s no need to stop using familiar and trusted apps just to keep key information for your practice in one place. Clio has over 50 integration partners—and connects with many more via Zapier—making it both a powerful practice management tool and a central hub for all of your firm’s information.

Here are just a few popular apps that work with Clio—with examples of how you’d use them:

1. Evernote

If Evernote is your note-taking tool of choice, it’s hard to pick up the habit of recording notes somewhere else. With Clio, you won’t have to. Use this Zap to connect your Evernote account to Clio, and a new tag will be created in Evernote each time you add a new matter to Clio. Then, use this Zap to automatically import notes in Evernote as Matter notes in Clio. That’s all it takes to automatically organize all of your research.

2. Basecamp

Project management can be tricky, and switching tools can impact your whole team. If your team uses Basecamp, you can use Zapier to automatically create a new task in Clio every time a new to-do is added in Basecamp. This makes it easy to keep track of billables, without the need for duplicate data entry. No more leaving money on the table.

3. MailChimp

Email can be a powerful marketing tool, but only if you’re contacting the right people. Using Zapier, you can ensure that all new contacts in Clio automatically get added to a MailChimp list. No more forgotten names or missed opportunities.

Clio Connect from your client’s perspective

For law firms, secure, encrypted communication is key, especially when sharing client information. However, it’s also important to show your clients the value in the measures you take to keep their information confidential. You also need to provide a pleasant experience.

Here’s how Clio Connect looks like from your client’s point of view. Take a look, then try it out with your clients and let us know what they think!

What Clio users are saying about us

The modern attorney needs to become a bit more tech savvy in order to serve clients, who become more sophisticated with technology each year. As a solo attorney, I am able to manage my firm’s administration in a matter of minutes, rather than hours.

Billing is a snap! From pre-bill review to final invoice, the process takes less than 30 minutes each month.

As my firm grows, Clio keeps improving its offerings and allows me the ability to expand my offerings. Clio is practice management in-a-box.

– A. J. Yolofsky, Yolofsky Law

DISCLAIMER: AlphaDrive for Clio is not currently available for our users in Europe. We hope to make it available soon.

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