Daniel Gershburg: Why I’m Going to the Clio Cloud Conference

Guest post by Daniel Gershburg , attorney at Gershburg Law P.C. in New York

I’ve been practicing law for 9 years (a baby lawyer, you say!).  In 9 years, I’ve seen every iteration of “product” come out that’s promised me more clients, more money, more sex, more everything.  They have, all of them, every single last one of them, failed miserably. Case Management software that was so complex you have no idea if you inputted some hours or inadvertently bombed Cleveland.  None of it made sense and it was all a waste of time.

Fast forward to Clio.  Clio didn’t promise me any of that.  Clio didn’t tell me I was going to hit my stride as an attorney and profits would follow.  In fact, Clio didn’t tell me anything other than the product I’d use would be simple, and it would, and listen, because this is important…SAVE ME TIME. Yes, the most important commodity in a lawyer’s life.  If the learning curve is too steep, we’re not going to touch it.  How can we possibly take the time to learn something complex when we’ve got a random CLE on eminent domain that we need to finish before our bar registration is up?  

Clio saves me time. It’s insanely easy to use.  It plays nice with Google and Xero and Zapier and Mailchimp, and many of the other products I use to keep the doors open here.  The UI is great.  

And the people!?  They’re Canadian!  They’re almost neurotically polite.  Call them and start cursing (do not call them and start cursing) and they’ll laugh and tell you they’ve had some bad days too.  Call them and ask them the stupidest question you could imagine and they’ll answer it.  And, perhaps most importantly, call them and ask whether “Clio can do x” and the answer is almost always yes.

About 6 months ago, when Clio first announced the Clio Cloud Conference, I asked Clio’s Lawyer in Residence, Joshua Lenon, about last year’s conference.  He said great things.  He works there, though.  What’s he going to say: “Meh, if you’re in town, stop by.”  No, Joshua is going to say great things.  

What he didn’t do convinced me to attend. He didn’t rave about how the conference was going to have speakers that essentially would change the way law was practiced and leave me with more money in my wallet than I knew what to do with.  He didn’t talk to me about new toys that were going to be introduced which would allow me to, I don’t know, change my Avatar to a picture of F. Lee Bailey. [Spoilers! – Joshua]

Joshua simply said “It’s going to be a fun time and you’ll be around like minded people.”  That’s essentially why I’m going.  

I’m also going because I love the product, and, really, that’s huge to me.

I’m going to the Clio Conference because I finally found a piece of software which I can incorporate into my legal practice that actually helps.  I’d like to meet other people who are in the same boat.   

I’m going because Clio holds their conference in a convenient city. Airfare to Chicago is super cheap (thanks, DansDeals).

There are a number of reasons I’m going to the Clio Conference, but finally meeting the people that put together a great product is the most important one.

Looking to spend time with like-minded lawyers, excited to practice law? There’s still room at Clio Cloud Conference 2016 for a few more legal professionals. Register here for your early-bird ticket today.

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