Dave Stasaitis On The Clio Certified Consultant Program

Dave Stasaitis understands the technology challenges facing today’s lawyers. As President and Co-founder at Stasmayer, Incorporated, Dave has built a successful consulting practice helping businesses and law firms use technology to meet the demands of their clients. As a Gold Clio Certified Consultant, he sees the cloud as an important part of embracing the future of law firm management.

While Stasmayer delivers IT solutions for a number of businesses and industries, Dave Stasaitis is the company’s primary consultant to law firms. Since starting the company with Richard Krenmayer in 2003, Dave has focused on helping lawyers leverage technology to better serve their clients, as well as their firms.

From their base in historic Charleston, South Carolina, Dave and company have helped numerous law firms and lawyers meet these challenges head on. Recognizing the emergence of cloud technologies as a way to offer exceptional practice management solutions for his clients, Dave was quick to sign up for the Clio Certified Consultant (CCC) program when it launched in 2010.

“I knew the cloud was the next step just by knowing the needs of my clients,” says Dave. “They wanted to be able to do things like grab their data from remote locations and so the general solution to that was the cloud. I saw Clio as the next game changer and that’s why I wanted to get on board.”

As Dave sees it, two of the biggest challenges that lawyers face are the need to access information from remote and the daily (but necessary) pain of billing. With Clio, Dave’s clients can access their data and bill clients like never before.

“Clio makes it a lot easier for lawyers needing to work remotely to get access to client data,” Dave adds. “And when it comes to billing, missing time entries has been a difficulty that needs addressing. Many lawyers are not billing accurately; either forgetting to bill or not being aware of what their receivables should be. Clio solves all of those problems.”

Being a CCC has helped Dave and his business. As an early adopter of cloud-based legal practice management technology, Stasmayer reaffirms their position as a progressive and forward-thinking player in the legal community. Lawyers and law firms in the area benefit from a unique partnership that delivers solutions that propel them into the future. The simple reason is that the future is about change. And Dave and his team help law firms identify and manage change for the better.

“Firms today need to adapt to client needs and the cloud can help them get there. We know that there are a lot of cloud companies out there so we help them select suppliers that fit their needs and help with the integrations,” Dave concludes. “One thing we are seeing is that as the Millennial Generation comes of age, they are demanding that everything be online. And another is that we have heard stories that some law firms have lost clients because they did not have a client portal. We don’t like to see that, because our philosophy is if you keep your clients successful, then you’ll be successful.”

And as a Gold Clio Certified Consultant he sees the results his company can deliver, they know what it takes to make your firm successful. The Clio Certified Consultant program connects consultants and support professionals within the legal industry to Clio’s cloud-based practice management solution, allowing them to offer the software to their law firm contacts.

For more information on Clio’s Certified Consultant program, visit our online resource, or reach out to Daniela Szary for a quick chat and all the information required.

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