Clio, JurisPage and Our Certified Consultants.

Andrew Cabasso, attorney and the co-founder of JurisPage, a service that helps solos and small firms develop a professional online presence for their practices. JurisPage helps lawyers reach out to new clients through a variety of channels.

Andrew is also a Clio Certified Consultant, helping lawyers use technology to build more successful practices.

“The majority of our clients are solos and small firms that are either just starting out or may be more established, but haven’t had much success with Internet marketing,” says Andrew.

JurisPage helps them with website design, creating professional, mobile-responsive and search-engine friendly websites, and even helping them reach out to new prospective clients right away with pay-per-click advertising. The Clio Certified Consultant program connects consultants and support professionals within the legal industry to Clio’s cloud-based practice management solution, allowing them to offer the software to their law firm contacts.

Andrew has been a Clio Certified Consultant for just about a year now; he signed on because his clients had asked for recommendations on technology for their firms beyond websites. They asked about everything from how to use Dropbox, to what accounting software to use, to the differences between legal practice management (LPM) software. So, he began to research the different LPM tools out there, and came across Clio. Long story short, he liked what Clio had to offer!


For the lawyers with whom Andrew works, the most pressing challenge tends to be finding an easy way to bill their clients. Many start out using spreadsheet tools like Excel, then graduate to QuickBooks. Some firms manually create invoices—and it takes a lot of time out of their day to do these administrative tasks.

With Clio, they significantly cut down this time. In Andrew’s experience, one of the biggest challenges that lawyers face today, especially for solos and small firms, is running a firm in addition to serving their clients needs.

“Solos and partners and small firms have a lot on their plate,” Andrew adds. “In addition to practicing law and working with clients, they have to be on top of their accounting, sales, networking, marketing, IT, staffing, and office management. Beyond being a lawyer, you have to run a business. Running a business isn’t taught on the bar exam.”

Not only that, but pricing is also changing, as lawyers are adjusting the way they price their services based on their clients’ unique needs.

What do his clients love most about Clio? The time savings, of course! From billing to integrations, Andrew’s clients can have all their data in one location. He describes this as being a welcome change for them: “many firms are used to having physical servers and dealing with an IT team. It’s often a serious headache. Now there’s a support team, they can call whenever they need. They just save so much time overall.” That means more time to work with Andrew to perfect those online marketing plans!

Sounds like you? Get involved, and create a more effortless experience for your clients as a Clio Certified Consultant! 

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