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Woolf Gafni & Fowler LLP is a boutique law firm located in Los Angeles, California.  This 9-attorney firm focuses on the practice areas of patent, trademark, copyright, business, employment, real estate, and bankruptcy.

 Woolf is a young firm.  The firm is a little over a year old, founded by Jason Cirlin, Adam Gafni, and Chaim Woolf.  The firm is not only young in age, but the attorneys are young as well.  The average age of attorneys working at the firm is 33 years old.

Partner, Adam Gafni believes that the ages of the firm’s lawyers impacts their approach to practicing law.  Woolf focuses on running tools that keep them lean and efficient, rather than using older, traditional methods of practicing law.

“We believe in lawyer self-sufficiency.  We look for tools that free the lawyers to work on their files without getting lost in administration,” Adam noted.

This focus on efficiency drove the firm away from their previous practice management software.

“Our previous program was the opposite of logical,” Adam stated.

The firm had become frustrated with a program that was not very intuitive to use.  The program also required a costly 1-year support pass to obtain any help navigating the “un-user-friendly” program.

With help of Google and a few practice management articles, Woolf discovered Clio.   The firm had everyone enter into a free demo account to solicit firm-wide feedback.

Of interest to Woolf, Clio required no training time before their lawyers could start using the platform. The firm was able to roll out Clio to their firm and their clients over three months.  As young law firm, they wanted some consistency with their clients before implementing anything new.  Clio made it easy to convert everyone.

“It is so user friendly, that training was not even necessary,” said Adam.

In addition to ease of use, Woolf enjoys the free technical support offered by Clio.

“Free technical support was the most important feature we wanted in a new practice management system, especially after our experience with our last vendor,” said Jason Cirlin.

Lastly, Woolf likes that Clio helps keep their firm expenses low.  Woolf has plans to continue to grow.  Clio’s low, predictable costs has allowed the firm to continue to invest in themselves.

“We keep our overhead low; this allows us to invest in lawyer personnel that can actually do the work.  It also helps keep our rates competitive” concluded Adam Gafni.

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