How Clio Gives Lawyers More Free Time

In 2009, Suzanne Meehle did something extraordinary–she left her practice at a large and well-established law firm to set up a solo shop, practicing business law for small businesses. An entrepreneur by nature, Suzanne had previously branched out on her own to do things like catering but after law school, she followed the path of many lawyers and practiced with a firm of about 30 attorneys.

She found the larger law firm life just wasn’t for her, so she left. Now she provides legal services to small business owners, helping them with the myriad of legal matters they need addressed to make their businesses work–from contracts to litigation, from starting the business to selling it.

And she couldn’t be happier about it! One of the first things Suzanne did when setting out on her own was to research law practice management (LPM) solutions. That’s when she came across Clio. She signed up in 2010 and has been a loyal customer and Clio advocate ever since. “Clio is the hub of my firm. It integrates with everything we do. I always know what is going on with my practice and my clients’ files,” says Suzanne. “And I always know what has to get done every single day.” But while Clio has allowed her to run her practice with great efficiency, it has also allowed her to, well…run!

By using Clio, Suzanne’s practice is so well managed that she’s found the time to take up running, something she didn’t have time for before. And it has changed her life! Since taking up running last year, Suzanne has lost a remarkable 70 pounds. She has made her health a major priority, and now gets out about 4 times a week to run 3 to 5 miles.

This coming November, she’s planning on running her first half-marathon. Don’t take our word for it. Check out Suzanne’s #Clioday video to see how Clio has changed her life.

While Clio has helped Suzanne trim down and firm up and hit the ground running, it has also helped her firm to expand. “I’ve seen astronomical growth with my practice, and that’s demonstrated in having gone from starting with a part-time administrative assistant to hiring a full-time paralegal and a second, part-time lawyer,” says Suzanne. “Without systems like Clio in place to help me manage my practice, I wouldn’t have been able to do that nor would I have been able to focus on my health.”

Adapt a healthier lifestyle, and mindset, with the help of Clio. Create a 360 degree view of your life in which your legal practice is seamlessly integrated – not the only focus and sign up for your free Clio trial today.


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