How Think Pink Law Uses Clio To Practice Law

With our Clioday contest over, we’re highlighting some of the innovative and forward-thinking lawyers and legal professionals using Clio to save up to one full work day each week. We were inspired, awed, and a little humbled by the diverse range of attorneys we’re able to help better manage their practices.

Meet Julie Tolek, founder of Think Pink Law. Based in Massachusetts, she practices mainly in estate planning and family law, her passion, dealing in everything from divorce to child custody to co-parent adoption.

Julie’s internship at a large mobile law firm had exposed her to an environment that prized the ability to work remotely and that valued legal software and cloud technology like Dropbox. And when the time came for Julie to decide if she wanted to continue practicing at the firm where she interned or branch out, she knew one thing: “If I’m going to work my ass off, I’m going to do it for myself.”

A self-proclaimed tech nerd, Julie is no stranger to legal technology—or to being courageous and taking risks. So, with her knowledge of practice management software and an eagerness to humanize people’s experience of law, Julie decided to take the plunge.

Side-note: Listening to Julie talk about her experiences put a smile on our faces because she really epitomizes many of the forward-thinking lawyers who are adopting Clio and using it, or other document management software, to improve their practices and lives.

She started using Clio back in December after finding out about it from the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program and quickly grew to love Clio’s interface, client portal, and most importantly, the calendar: “I use my calendar to run my life. I integrate my Google calendar with Clio, and it keeps my legal and personal life organized. When to schedule things, when to take time off… I can see all of that in Clio.”

And even though she’s a bona fide technology aficionado, Julie still appreciates the support that she gets from Clio: “I know I can just call and someone will be on the phone to take me through it. I like knowing that you guys are there.” Yep, we definitely pride ourselves on having some of the most amazing support staff among all the law firm software out there.

Interested in joining the Clioday movement? Sign up for a free trial and see how much time the leading cloud-based practice management solution can save you!

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