How To Be A More Productive Lawyer With Clio

Your break room coffee maker has an auto start. Your conference room lights instantly turn on when you enter the room. Your office front door automatically locks at 5 p.m. Employing automation to take care of repetitive tasks in our offices is all around us today, but when we jump into the digital world, more and more such activities creep into our workflow. You need to start and stop your time-tracking app, import client information from one app to another app, and transfer to-dos from your personal to your work task management app.

These little tasks annoyingly add up, and detract from what you really want to focus on: lawyering. Sometimes, to just a few minutes each day, other times to hours each week. But if a little time is invested up front, even 20 minutes, you can eliminate your next copy-and-paste routine and start taking your time back. Here are eight automation ideas of how to be a more productive lawyer each day. A majority make use of Clio’s new integration with Zapier, an app automation tool, but some can be done without any assistance.

Skip Client Imports

Rather than regularly downloading a CSV file to import new contacts from your site’s “Contact Us” form into Clio, hook your form app right into the practice management software. To do so, find your intake form provider on Zapier, such as Wufoo, Formstack or Google Form, and set up an automation that will create a Clio contact when you receive a new submission.

Scan in Business Cards

Whether you’re out to lunch with a prospective client or participating in a free law clinic, skipmanual entry of the business cards you’ve collected by usingFullContact Card Reader. The app, which relies on a team of people, not computers, to transcribe business cards, can be hooked up to Clio with Zapier. Instead of entering in client information, now all you need to dois snap a pic of a new business card.

Never Forget a Client’s Birthday

If you keep a Google Calendar of your clients’ birthdays or other important dates, use Zapier to automate either the sending of a personalized birthday greeting or the creation of an email draft for you customize further. The latter automation involves a few minutes for each client birthday, but having the control to add a personal note, maybe about the last time you interacted, will result in a more meaningful greeting.

Add Gmail Labels for New Matters

When you open a new matter in Clio, you likely have a few steps to check off. If one of those includes adding a new label in Gmail to pull together all conversations related to that matter for easy grouping and forwarding, then use this Zap.

Use Task Templates

Instead of manually recreating recurring to-do list that must be added to each new matter, take advantage of Clio’s task templates which creates your needed task list in an instant. It’ll also assign due dates to the tasks based on the task list’s settings, and can even be customized based on different practice areas.

Log Evernote Notes in a Matter

If Evernote is your note-taking tool of choice, it’s hard to pick up the habit of recording notes elsewhere. With Zapier, however, there’s no need to do that. Use the tool to connect your Evernote account to Clio, sending new notes in a chosen notebook to a specified matter.When setting up this Zapier automation, you’ll need use an Evernote tag to specify which matter to add this new note to in Clio. You can eliminate that step of the process with simple automation, as well.

Add Tasks from Elsewhere

Just as your note-taking app can be hard to split up with, so too can your task or project management app. If you still use a tool like this and take time to add relevant tasks in Clio, too, use Zapier to automate future additions.

SMS when a Communication is Recorded

Lawyers are always on the go—attending depositions, at the courthouse, or at client meetings—so you’re not always able to check Clio for message notifications. With Zapier, you can have an SMS sent to your phone whenever a new communication is recordedon a matter. Use this Zap to ensure you never miss a message again.

Beyond these eight suggestions are dozens of ways to use Zapier to integrate Clio with the other apps you use—the automation tool connects to over 350 services, a lot of which you’re probably already using to manage the day-to-day operations of your firm.

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