Jason Golbey Finds Freedom in Going Solo

Jason is a business lawyer with a focus on startups and tech companies. He’s been in the business long enough to know what he wants in a practice. For him, it’s the stability that he’s found—and the opportunity to help his clients really grow—that keeps him motivated.

Coming from a larger firm, he knows the fear that comes with the initial decision to go it alone—taking those first steps and having to deal with the administrative issues that get handled by support staff in a larger practice setting.

But Jason is also a long-time Clio user, and being able to manage his practice from one platform has helped him figure it all out—giving him a new sense of freedom. In less than six years, he has moved from a shared workspace to a dedicated office, hired new staff—including another lawyer and five assistants—and seen growth of 20–40 percent each year.

Here’s a glimpse at how he does it with Clio.

Working With Clio

Clio’s trust accounting is big for Jason. “For our firm, which does a lot of real estate deals, we do a lot of trust accounting through Clio,” he says. “Each deal has ten or more ins and outs, so we’re doing hundreds of transactions per month.”

As a web-based platform, Clio allows you to work through multiple windows and tabs in your browser. “I keep a minimum of three tabs open at any given time,” says Jason. “I have my activities open on one of my three screens to track time—and a calendar open behind that. Then, I have the specific client that I’m working on in another screen. It gives me access to everything I need.”

Access to information is another major benefit for Jason. “We use the custom fields a ton, especially custom field sets,” he says. “For a startup client, we have all of the stuff in the custom fields entered at the time of opening the file. Shareholders, directors, date of incorporation, business number, share structure, company password—these are all custom field sets that we’ve put together and can access at a glance.”

Jason’s Clioday

Clio users save, on average, eight hours per week—something we like to call a ‘Clioday.’ A Clioday can mean many different things to many different people. It can mean more time for clients, more time for growing your firm, or more time to find that elusive work-life balance.

What’s unique about Jason’s story is he’s a Clio user who also has Jack Newton, Founder, and CEO of Clio, as his client. Watch the clip below for a glimpse into Jason’s practice—and to hear what Jack has to say about working with his firm.

Watch Jason’s Story.

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