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For lawyers, attention to detail is key.

Legal pros have a duty to research and understand relevant laws and how they apply to each distinct case—and this is only half the battle. Keeping firm accounts in line, following up with clients in a timely manner, and capturing all of one’s billable time are also critical day-to-day functions of running (or even just working in) a law firm. It’s a lot to stay on top of, and without the right tools, it can be easy to lose track of key details.

Fortunately, cloud-based communications can help your firm thrive in an otherwise chaotic environment—especially when used in conjunction with other tools. Here are a few of the things you can do with a cloud-based communication system to help your firm be more effective.

1. Capture more billable hours

How often do you log your billable time? If the answer is anything less than several times a day, you might be missing out on billable minutes, which directly translates to lost revenue.

According to Clio’s Legal Trends Report, lawyers only spend 2.3 hours per day on billable tasks on average. To be more profitable, you need to be more efficient, but you also need to make sure that every billable minute gets captured.

A cloud-based communication system that integrates directly with your practice management system can help. When the phone rings, it’s easy to forget to log a time entry immediately after the fact, or even to jot down a note to remind yourself to do it later, so explore cloud-based options that log time entries automatically every time you make a phone call.

For example, with Vonage and Clio, your calls are automatically converted to time entries within Clio based on call duration, activity, and rate. This way, you can be sure there’s no money left on the table, without any extra effort. You don’t have to rely on your own memory to accurately log those minutes spent on a given case. Cloud-based communication tools can not only make your life easier, but also more profitable.

2. Increase your mobility

As a legal professional, you’re on the move quite a bit. From court appearances to client meetings, your office is wherever you find yourself at any given moment. Knowing where you’ll be next can be a surprisingly tricky endeavor.

Sure, you have a smartphone, planner, and any number of other tools to keep you on track, but they can often just add to the confusion. What you really need is simplicity. Cloud integrations give you the unique ability to streamline these administrative tasks by letting you be productive wherever you might find yourself—on any device. You can pull up your day’s to-do list, make calls, take notes, and track billable hours all from the same platform.

If you’ve ever found yourself away from the office, kicking yourself for forgetting that contact or stack of case notes, cloud-based integrations are the perfect solution to bridge the mobility gap.

3. Enhance your productivity

When you streamline mundane tasks such as time tracking, you can focus on more productive ventures.

For example, with the right tool, you can track the day’s agenda, click to dial into client meetings, and stay on top of time entry, all from a single mobile platform.

And of course, with integrated, cloud-based communication, calls can be automatically logged, with time entries automatically tracked at the correct rates.

Computers are far more efficient at tracking administrative details than humans are, so use technology to automate your daily administrative tasks and leave yourself more time to practice law.

4. Give yourself more time to grow

Using cloud-based communication tools to automate cumbersome administrative tasks will leave you more time to practice law, but you may also want to spend that extra time on tasks to help your law firm grow.

Instead of spending hours manually typing in time entries, you could be networking and building valuable referral agreements with other lawyers.

If you’re successful at growing your law firm revenues, your team might grow as well. Cloud-based communications are valuable here too—there’s no need to spend a lot of time training new users to log time, track billable minutes, or learn complicated software if you’re working with an intuitive tool.

Let someone else take care of the details

Ultimately, attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of being a legal professional. However, a lack of time just so happens to be its number one enemy. If you’re constantly worrying about time entries, billing, and the intricacies of running your practice, something will eventually have to give—even if you’re the most focused legal professional out there.

Don’t leave key details of your practice up to chance. Every billable minute counts, and using a cloud communication system like Vonage that integrates with your practice management software will give you peace of mind knowing that all your billables have been captured.

Vonage integrates directly with Clio, so you’ll never have a phone call without a time entry again. See how it works.

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