Why Lawyers Love the Practice of Law

It’s no secret that lawyers get a bad rap. Portrayed in popular culture as greedy, cutthroat misanthropes, or even as [spoiler alert] the literal devil themselves, lawyers are the profession everyone loves to hate … until they need one.

But the lawyers and legal professionals we know tell an entirely different story. Idealistic, passionate, and relentlessly dedicated to ensuring the rule of law is upheld, today’s lawyers remain optimistic and driven even in the face of the shifting legal industry. And, according to some, we’re entering an absolutely critical period for those with knowledge of the rule of law and how it’s applied—so a workforce of engaged advocates is more essential than ever.

[callout style=”right”]At the end of every day I get to say I helped people solve problems, and along the way I work with good people in a very intellectually demanding field. [/callout]

We asked some of the legal professionals we know to tell us what got them involved with the practice of law, what they love most about it, and what keeps them coming back day after day.

Nicole Bradick, Chief Strategy Officer, CuroLegal

When I was a kid, a special education attorney forever changed the course of my brother’s life for the good—from that moment I was hooked. I became a civil rights litigator, and I went to law school because I believed strongly in the rule of law, civil rights, and the necessity of a highly functioning system of law in a thriving democracy. While I no longer practice, I build technology that makes the law more accessible and helps lawyers be more efficient, and the same motivators that drove me to work every day as a practicing attorney are still what get me out of bed in the morning. Oh, and all the glory and affection from the masses—that too.

Keith Lee, Attorney, Hamer Law Group

I love lawyers. In spite of (and perhaps because of) their dysfunctional, obsessive, rage-inducing, massive-ego selves. Most of the lawyers I spend time with are loud, challenging to be around, and fun. Hang out with the right group of lawyers and you won’t be able to sit lightly—you’ll be forced to push yourself to learn, grow, and adapt.

Matthew Tuller, Attorney/Owner, The Law Office of Matthew J. Tuller

I love the fact that on a daily basis, I am able to help people properly plan to ensure the future security of their families. The feeling of helping my clients is what gets me out of bed each morning.

Loraine DiSalvo, Partner, Morgan & DiSalvo

I like helping people ensure that they and those they love are protected, at least from a financial and legal standpoint. I like working with the technical details and trying to make sure that what the client wants is really what will happen.

Jordan Couch, Attorney, Palace Law

At the end of every day I get to say I helped people solve problems, and along the way I work with good people in a very intellectually demanding field.

Ashley MacKenzie, Law Clerk, Jill V. Johnson Vigil

GAL (guardian ad litem) cases—helping to make a difference in the lives of people who can’t speak for themselves.

Trish Phillips, Practice Manager, rb Legal LLC

Awesome coworkers and clients! We get to help put estate plans in place that put people at ease about what will happen to their family—people, pets and property—if they can’t [make decisions], or after they’re gone.

Reading these responses, a common thread emerges—at the end of the day, the legal community is motivated by helping others rather than by money or satanic power, and we’re proud to play a part, however large, of keeping our community efficient, effective, and motivated. Happy Valentine’s Day, from all of us at Clio.

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