Mike Whelan, Jr: Why I’m Going to the Clio Cloud Conference

Guest post by attorney Mike Whelan, Jr. 

I am going to the Clio Cloud Conference. It’s a unique setting where smart lawyers doing amazing things sit together and enjoy each other’s company. Whether through the vibrating ether or interesting chats over drinks, I know I will learn from the Master Mind.

What’s a Master Mind? It’s a unique Chicago creation that Clio has tapped into with the format of their conference.

Chicago – home now to such greats as Oprah Winfrey, Derrick Rose, and Kanye West – once counted “the Big Six” among its residents.

In the early 1900s, William Wrigley (the gum guy), John Thompson (a wildly successful restaurateur), Albert Lasker (Lord & Thomas wunderkind), one Mr. McCullough (owner of a Chicago-based shuttle company), and Ritchie and Hertz (of Yellow Cab) met frequently to talk business.

They were rich, and hanging out together made them richer. Collectively, the Big Six earned nearly $350 million in inflation-adjusted income. And none of them was very special.

At least that’s how Napoleon Hill spoke of the Six in his book “The Law of Success.” None had “special educational advantages,” or stores of “capital or excessive credit.” These were regular guys with big ideas, and Hill obsessed over how they had achieved such consistent success.

He found an answer in the Master Mind.

Using lots of questionable chemistry, Hill deduced that “every human brain is both a broadcasting and a receiving station for vibrations of thought frequency.” We’re all signaling across a universal ether, Hill thought, and hanging out together helps our subconscious minds exchange ideas. Thus, the Master Mind expands our idea-generating capacity beyond anything we can do as individuals.

Rather than discarding the Master Mind as zany 20th century pseudoscience, experts today teach a version of Hill’s concept as standard business advice (see Forbes and the Harvard Business Review). The mastermind is part of our business lexicon, and I’ve seen it work.

I recently received an invitation to speak at IgniteLaw Las Vegas, an intimate event piggybacked onto ILTACON. The event featured speakers like Joshua Lenon of Clio, Joe Wallin of the Law of Startups podcast, Marc Cerniglia of Spotlight Branding, and more.

As great as the talks were, time spent hanging out with my colleagues really had the biggest impact. From Cian O’Sullivan teaching me about investor mindset, to Dan Lear opening up about his own life/work balance, to Erika Pagano showing me how legal education is changing, the interaction with smart people making awesome things opened my mind to incredible possibilities.

I learned from everyone there, even (and especially) Milan Markovich of Texas A&M School of Law. If the Master Mind can help this Longhorn learn from an Aggie professor, maybe Hill was on to something!

I can’t wait to see what I learn at the Clio Cloud Conference. With 600 forward-thinking lawyers, as well as a great collection of speakers, this gathering will truly create a Master Mind.

I hope to meet you there and catch some good vibrations together.

There’s still room at Clio Cloud Conference 2016 for a few more legal professionals! Register here for your early bird tickets today. (Pssssst: this rate is valid until November 30th. See you in Chicago!) 

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