Practice Management and Legal Tech Tips from Around the Web

The following is a guest post by Erik Mazzone of Law Practice Matters.

Some interesting stuff in the LPM-o-sphere this week. Here are a few of my favorites:

Robert Bohn writing for Attorney at Work suggests five ways to put your best foot forward on LinkedIn. The tips range from quick fixes to strategies for joining groups. A good recap or primer.

Sam Glover of Lawyerist penned (pardon the anachronism) a great guide for optimizing your computer monitor set up at your desk. Detailed, thorough, and with excellent suggestions about what to buy and how much to spend.

Richard Granat shared a slide deck from a recent presentation by Bob Ambrogi to the National Association of Bar Executives. The presentation is called 10 Ways Technology is Rewiring Law Practice. Not quite the same as getting to hear Bob speak in person, but the deck is packed with insights and worth a look.

Nicole Black contributed a great article and infographic to the My Case blog; the article focuses on billing practices and is part of their excellent Things You Didn’t Learn in Law School series.

The third annual Evernote Conference was held last week and lamentably I didn’t get to go. Never to fear, Tim Baran published tips on Legal Productivity on how to use Evernote to write blog posts using Also on the Evernote topic, Allison Shields shared five ways to use Evernote as a legal marketing tool on the always excellent Canadian legal magazine, Slaw.

Always one to cut through hype, Brian Tannebaum’s column on Above the Law is about his month using an iPad. Spoiler alert: it didn’t dramatically transform his law practice, but is probably worth keeping around. I think he’s right on the money.

Mike Ramsey contributed another strong article to Attorney at Work as part of their local marketing series. This one is about how to track and test online marketing efforts and is a fantastic primer if you’re looking for a place to start improving your law firm website performance.

Jordan Furlong’s Risk and Outrunning the Bear on Small Firm Innovation is a great reminder that you don’t have to camp out on the bleeding edge to make some strategic improvements. As a friend of mine says, they call it the bleeding edge because people get hurt out there. Good advice here from Jordan.

Last but not least, Sharon Nelson of Ride the Lightning posted a link to a video of a guy shooting a .50 caliber rifle at an iPhone 5s. What does this have to do with practice management and legal tech? Well, nothing. But it is weirdly compelling to watch stuff be blown up in slow motion. I guess we can all thank John Woo for that.

Have a great week!

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