Practice Management Best Practices With Nathan McCoy

Florida-based lawyer Nathan McCoy has always had an appreciation for the value technology, tools and practice management best practices have in getting organized and staying in touch with clients. However, that wasn’t necessarily something fully embraced at some of the firms where he began his legal career. So a few years ago, Nathan and fellow lawyer Gary Wilson set out to create their own labor and employment firm.

Committed to Nathan’s belief in the benefits of practice management solutions, they started off with Clio and were quick to see results. Starting out in 2012, they’ve since doubled the number of lawyers working in the firm, have added a crew of support staff, and continue to expand their book of work. Wilson McCoy is unique in that the firm represents both businesses and employees with their issues. They also offer their services on a flat fee basis, striving to keep client costs down and budgets in order. For them, using Clio has meant they can achieve two needs vital to any firm’s success: Organization and communications.

Valuing Practice Management

Nathan had such a strong belief in using technology and practice management tools because he saw it as a way to stay organized and keep clients informed of their matters. Ultimately, that’s the best service a lawyer can provide. Working in firms that either eschewed such tools or used out-of-date solutions was a concern for Nathan and would eventually inspire him to set out on his own. As a firm practicing employment law, Wilson McCoy helps companies sustain their business and individuals protect their livelihoods. Dealing with hirings, firings, and other employment matters requires everyone in the firm to be organized and in frequent communications with clients. That’s exactly why they turned to Clio.

Organized Labor

Labor and employment matters can be very complex for the attorney and very stressful for the client. Clients need to trust that their legal representation is organized and keeping on top of everything. Clio allows the lawyers in Nathan’s firm to do just that. It also helps them all stay on the same page and work effectively as a team. Nathan’s area of practice involves a lot of documents, files, and correspondence.

Clio’s legal document management system is a favorite feature for him: “I really love the new folder option. It lets us upload documents into subfolders, making them easier to retrieve when we need them.”

Of course, the most difficult thing for any lawyer to manage is time. Fortunately, Clio helps lawyers do that with ease. With an organized system, fluid communications, and ready accessibility, everyone in the firm is better enabled to spend more time on actual legal work and less time on administrative tasks or calling clients to update them on where matters stand.

Client Communications

Technology has changed the way people communicate. They expect it to be instant and are looking to be informed and involved. This is also true for lawyers and their clients and especially true for clients of Wilson McCoy. Using Clio Connect, a private portal that enables secure two way communications, has helped them exceed this expectation.

“I believe that clients deserve access to their information 24/7 and that’s one of the areas where Clio has helped us,” says Nathan. “People can log in through Clio Connect at any time and stay aware of what is going on.”

This helps eliminate a barrage of phone calls and relieves the anguish clients feel when dealing with a legal matter. They can log in to the system at their convenience, check on their matters, see what has been done, and affirm that the wheels of justice are in motion. Certainly, for a client dealing with a sensitive employment issue, it is reassuring to stay informed and be able to better plan for their future.

Competitive Advantage

Of course, once a firm builds a reputation of being organized in how they manage matters and how they communicate and work with clients, something pretty incredible happens—business starts to grow exponentially! Using Clio has allowed Nathan’s firm to better manage their practice and that means they can take on even more work. “No two attorneys by themselves with a limited book of business should be able to compete as we have,” Nathan adds. “But the features and efficiencies inherent with Clio has allowed us to compete with larger, more established firms.”

In fact, if you visit Wilson McCoy’s website, they proudly feature Clio as a service and a benefit to their clients. Using Clio Connect, the firm’s clients have 24/7 access to their files and their matters, they can receive updates and messages about their case, and they can see what the firm’s lawyers are doing or have done to help them resolve their issue. That leads to happy clients, and happy clients are essential to growing a firm’s business.

The Case for Clio

Nathan’s clients are not just well-represented; they are also well-informed and well-connected. That’s because Nathan and his firm had the foresight to invest in practice management tools that enabled them to provide outstanding client service. Indeed, Clio keeps them on top of their practice so they can be on top of their game when it comes to tackling the difficult matters their clients face.

“We wanted to be paperless, provide clients with 24/7 access to their files, and not be tied to our office desks in order to complete case work,” concludes Nathan. “Clio made this a reality, and from the outset our firm was at an immediate competitive advantage.”

When you consider that Wilson McCoy has doubled in lawyer count since they started out three years ago (plus staff members), it is evident that Nathan was right about technology and practice management all along.

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