Public Sector Lawyers Experience Centralized Document Bliss

Litigation, transactional, advisory — the majority of public sector lawyers have no choice but to handle the high volume and wide variety of cases presented to them. Combined with the large array of responsibilities and scarcity of resources, public sector legal departments are increasingly strained by crushing caseloads. An unrelenting problem showing no signs of stopping.

To combat workflow demands while meeting onerous expectations, organization is key for public sector legal teams. The starting point of success? Optimizing the handling of key documents into one succinctly controlled, centralized approach.

What does a centralized approach look like?

Public sector legal departments are required to store and manage an endless amount of documents. The average legal professional spends 11.2 hours per week dealing with the creation and management of documents – with studies showing that approximately six hours of this time is wasted.

Organization and accessibility are key. Legal document management systems that integrate with case and matter management software can greatly enhance a legal department’s productivity. Seamlessly attach notes, documents, tasks, calendars, and contacts directly to a matter to organize and centralize information.

Introducing document bliss to public sector legal departments

In stark contrast to the current workflow within public sector legal departments, imagine creating a central repository for all your documents that can be associated with your cases and matters and is securely accessible from any location, for members of staff with the appropriate permissions.

Sound blissful? It should, and it’s also easily achievable. A centralized document management system gives you the ability to search each case or matter and have access to all its relevant associated information. It instantly eliminates cumbersome file directories, filing cabinets, clutter, and missing case folders when you move your files online.

Optimizing the way a team works can be transformative and is the first step in taking control of your overall workflow. Document bliss is created by letting go of what’s not working and implementing a centralized approach.

Learn more about how you can get rid of filing cabinets, clutter, and missing files when you store case and matter files in a centralized, online environment by downloading our whitepaper: A Modern Approach for Government Legal Departments

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