Reviewing The Clio Certified Consultant Program

Clouds are not the first thing that come to mind when you think of Arizona, but for Richard Marx of MME, the cloud is as hot as the desert sun.

Richard was an early adopter of the Clio Certified Consultant program, signing up in 2010. In his consulting business, he helps law firms from all across the United States with selecting the practice tools that work for their business, guiding them through the tech landscape. Before he found Clio, Richard had been working with a highly customizable client/server software for the previous 10 years, but found that it simply was not the best fit for offices that were looking for a more streamlined and cost-effective approach.

“I did my research and it was obvious that Clio was going places in the web-based market,” says Richard. “Plus, the culture at Clio is a great match with my business. We believe in the same things: Let’s listen, get it done, and make the client’s experience go beyond their expectations.”

For many lawyers, the prospect of taking their practice to the cloud is a bit frightening. But what’s even more spooky? The cold harsh reality that many law firms have over complicated their lives and their practices with too much tech. Richard sees many lawyers struggle with simplifying their software and actually utilizing what they have installed.

“I find a lot of firms have overbought and undertrained,” he adds. “A piecemeal approach can actually get a firm further away from their goals. There’s also a lot of frustration keeping hardware and software working in the work environment, and providing the mobility features everyone now demands.”

Fortunately, Richard is able to guide them to the gold to be found in the cloud. And Clio helps him do just that.

“Clio is very comprehensive. It provides the means to capture, track, and share through the entire process of entering a new contact, creating a matter, generating documents, delegating and tracking tasks, to getting your billing out the door,” says Richard. “Clio operates in a browser and eliminates many of the problems faced with locally installed software around operating systems and software conflicts. Mobility has been built in from the beginning and the new mobile apps and Clio Connect really shows the commitment to put the practice at the client’s fingertips.”

That’s our product in a nutshell!

In the four years since signing on to the Clio Certified Consultant program, Richard has seen his own business flourish and grow, just as we’ve seen ours grow. While keeping up with the changes in tech is their biggest challenge, that same technology is changing how firms practice law. And keeping on top of it, through products like Clio and consultants like Richard, is made easier. It’s also a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining clients (as well as staff!) and serving their needs, demands, and expectations.

When Richard ponders the future of law, he sees it becoming more and more about lawyer-client collaboration and more self-help and delegation to the client.

“Maybe not for all law disciplines, but for most,” he concludes. “Many of my law firm clients are already on the bus and I am predicting that Clio Connect and the future of the law firm client portal will be a substantial movement in the evolution of the platform and how firms practice. Attorneys will be providing better service for even more clients. And that means they’ll need great software more than ever.”

The Clio Certified Consultant program connects consultants and support professionals within the legal industry to Clio’s cloud-based practice management solution, allowing them to offer the software to their law firm contacts.

For more information, visit or contact Alexandre Nemetz-Sinchein.

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