Finding Balance With Clio

Clio helps Shanita Gaines balance motherhood with a thriving practice.

As a solo attorney and single mother, Shanita Gaines has a lot on her plate. Even so, she has found a balance that has allowed her to thrive—and Clio has been an important part of that success.

Clio saves lawyers an average of eight hours per week—giving users what we affectionately call a ’Clioday.’ That extra time is key to Shanita’s work-life balance.

“The only difference between my solo practice, and, maybe another, is that I am beholden to be the daycare provider,” she explains, “so my days are cut very short. I have to pack a lot into a little bit of time.”

To make the most out of her days, Shanita uses Clio’s mobile app to take care of tasks on the go. While she’s a long-time user of Clio, she truly found her balance when Clio launched the mobile app, giving her access to her work in Google Docs, anywhere, anytime.

“I can start to draft my motions from my vehicle. I can answer your discovery in the park,” she says. “I don’t know how practicing law could get much easier.”

She also uses Clio’s built-in timer to track time entries, so she never has to second-guess how long she spent on the phone. “Everything is there. Everything is loaded, and it saves me confusion when it’s time for invoicing and billing,” she says.

The list goes on—Shanita uses Clio Payments to accept payments online, and uses Clio Connect to communicate with clients on the fly. That’s important, because while family comes first for Shanita, she’s also looking to give the best service possible to her clients.

“This is probably counterintuitive for attorneys, but I don’t like repeat customers,” she says. “I want you to walk away with an order that works for your life, hopefully for the rest of your life.”

In short, Clio takes care of the details, so that Shanita can succeed as a legal practitioner and have the time she needs to be a mom.

“I am required to be the breadwinner, so the fact that Clio will help me take care of being the breadwinner so that I can focus on being a Mom—that’s perfect. Perfect balance,” she says.

Watch Shanita’s story to see how she uses Clio to achieve balance.

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