Singapore’s Kel LLC Loves Clio

With Clio’s recent foray into international waters, the convenience and productivity afforded by the leading cloud-based practice management system are now available to an entirely new market of customers, and Kelly Ho Chye Hoon, Managing Director of Kel LLC, couldn’t be happier.

A small but formidable solo firm located in Singapore, Kel LLC embraces a philosophy of simplicity, focus, and hard work, so when searching for a practice management solution, locating one that adhered to the same philosophy was of the utmost importance.

When they came across Clio, it was a no-brainer to choose the leading cloud-based practice management platform. “Clio understands what law firms need,” says Kelly. “Our previous practice management solution was unintuitive and confusing; their templates did not fit a law firm’s. The whole point of using a cloud solution is to make my work more efficiently. Kudos to Clio for succeeding!” The ability to customize invoices in accordance with local law was a priority for Kelly, and Clio’s support team was able to deliver.

Kelly also ranked the seamless ability to create bills from existing time entries as Clio’s most valuable feature. Some unexpected benefits? “Clio’s integrations with (other cloud providers) Box and Xero. Being fully committed to the cloud has changed the way I practice law. My office is less cluttered, and I don’t need to engage full-time IT, accounts, finance and admin managers.” Getting up and running with Clio was ‘a breeze’, according to Kelly. “Clio’s response time is short and what law firms need, particularly in a fast-paced Singaporean culture.”

Would Kelly recommend Clio to her colleagues? “Without hesitation,” she says. “Clio would probably have to convince traditional mindsets on shifting from maintenance of IT servers to the cloud, but in my experience this is both invaluable and necessary.” As Clio continues to expand globally, more firms will be able to take advantage of the flexible and powerful Clio platform.

If you’re one of these firms, and you’d like to share your story with us, please contact us at or @goclio on Twitter.

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