The Implications of Big Data & Self-Driving Cars

Computing power in a connected world has changed many industries, but for the most part, the law is still practiced in the same way, as it always has. Thanks to the implications of big data, that is about to change.

New companies are advancing the science of automated contract drafting, e-discovery has become mainstream, consumer forms products are getting better than ever, and electronic filing is moving from a geeky niche to a requirement of many courts.

Large-scale computing power will accelerate these trends, and Moore’s Law suggests that the change will be geometric, not linear. Self-driving cars, computers that defeat Jeopardy champions and augmented vision glasses are harbingers of a world in which computers not only equal the work of lawyers, but better them at many tasks.

At the 2013 Clio Cloud Conference, We will discuss what these and other advances mean – as a practical matter – for the practice of law in the 21st Century. What will clients expect? How will we bill for our services? Will our computers be our paralegals, our associates or our partners in the next generation of practice? How will our non-human tools make us better lawyers, and what good work will be left for un-augmented human lawyers?

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