Was Clio Your Canadian Legal Blawg Of Choice This Year?

The Canadian legal scene has always maintained a balance between independent thought leadership, and establishing a voice based on the unique aesthetic of Common Law roots and the acts of our Federal Law neighbors. Many factors contribute to this, but it’s the legal voices reaching out online to international audiences through blogs and social media that are making Canada’s legal scene a leader in global innovation, creativity and forward-thinking.

So here it is! The Annual Canadian Blog Awards are a chance to award the best Canadian legal Blawgs, acknowledging the richest sources of legal information, entertainment and constructive advice made available by Canadian professionals and talking heads. Recognition should definitely be given!

Does Clio give you your fill of legal tech, marketing, the business of law and more? Vote for us! We’ve created our Top Reads of 2015 if you need a quick nudge and reminder of what our writers know your needs are. Readers and industry professionals can blog or tweet nominations of up to 3 law-related blogs, using the hashtag #clawbies2015 or #ClawbiesAt10.

For a little variety, we’ve noted our favorites too! Get nominating before December 23rd.

Michael Geist

Michael Geist is a lawyer, academic, writer, legal advisor, Technology and Security specialist, speaker, and largely dynamic member of both the legal community in Canada and abroad. His “blog” has most definitely earned a nomination by merit due to his credentials alone!

His active social media presence and a blog rich in consistently current topics, podcasts, and talks ensure that legal minds searching for information and the latest breakthroughs have a great resource for such.

Top Reads? Keeping topics local, relevant and consistent, Geist engages at varying levels of dispute and guidance on technology, iPolitics, surveillance and more in, “Set the Data Free, Mr Trudeau”, “What Now? Privacy and Surveillance in Canada After the Paris Attacks“, and “The Rise and Fall of the Conservatives Digital Policy”.

The Court

Providing one of the richest sources of Canadian Supreme Court commentary, under an initiative by the Osgoode Hall School of law, The Court focuses on emerging case law – all written and edited by law students.

A platform for the voice of future Canadian lawyers and academics, this blawg offers brief notes and commentary about pending or future Supreme Court cases – whilst also providing a forum for active academic exchange and debate from active young minds and the future of Canada’s legal industry.

Top Reads? “R. v. Ipeelee: Correction, Conviction and Culture”, denotes the dizzying elements of criminal law sentencing when topical, societal and even historical issues are part of an already complex criminal matter. “Top 10 Charter Cases: As Revealed at the Symposium on the 25th Anniversary of the Charter“, though an older post, provides succinct but great case notes, honorable mentions to other important Case Law and great data about the history of the Charter.


Undoubtedly the most recognizable name on our list, slaw. CA is a Canada’s leading online, legal magazine, with a long running history of creating a vital resource of information, review, debate and insight into legal matters both at home, in Federal and further-reaching jurisdictions.

Why should you vote? Slaw have a dynamic repertoire of writers and bloggers across a range of spheres, always leading Canadian innovation in news of the latest reform to the legislation, through think-pieces and reoccurring segments such as What’s Hot on CanLII every Wednesday.

Top Reads? Law in the Age of Justin Trudeau keeps up to date on the latest forecast of change for Canadian lawyers, Consumer Arbitration Lessons from South of the Border strikes a balance in acknowledging the importance of being informed of US ongoing and what to take from them, and a variety of Legal tech such as Lawyers + Software: The New Partnership Model. 

Check out Clio’s blog, Twitter, or download a Whitepaper today for more insight into how Clio creates one of Canada’s Top Legal Blogs. Get voting!

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