Zapier Integrations Simplifying Lawyer’s Lives

The many small tasks that make up your working day can create a real drag on your productivity. Transferring client data from one app to another, ensuring all your calendars sync and transcribing information from paper forms distract from what you should be doing: practicing law. Enter Zapier.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a Clio integration that allows you to connect third party apps and capabilities to your legal practice management platform. Eliminate human errors, repeat work, and automate an efficient workflow. With Zapier, you can create “zaps” (connections) between two applications that are made up of “triggers” and “actions”, where an event in one application will cause a related event to happen in the second application. By connecting apps via Zapier, you can curate your own network of automated processes within Clio.

7 ways Zapier + Clio can make your life easier?

Here are some ways of using Zapier with your favourite law practice management software, to automate tedious tasks and make your life easier:

Client Intake

In Zapier you can create a Zap instructing a Google Form completed by new clients to update a Google Sheet and create a new contact and matter in Clio.

Add Evernote notes to Clio matters

If you use Evernote as your main note-taking app you can employ a Zap to transfer your notes to a specific Clio matter. You just need to add the matter’s name as a tag in Evernote and Zapier can take care of the rest.

Scan in Business Cards

Skip the manual entry of the business cards you’ve collected when meeting new clients by using FullContact Card Reader. The app can be connected to Clio with Zapier all you need to do is snap a picture of a new business card and the information will create a new contact in Clio.

Create new Invoice in Xero

If Xero is your cloud based accounting software of choice, Zapier can help you integrate it even further with Clio. When an expense is entered into Clio, a new ‘Invoice’ will be created as an account payable in Xero. This means that the date and the amount will automatically be copied over.

Simplify your email marketing

Looking to further engage prospective clients through email marketing? Save yourself the hassle of downloading and uploading CSVs by creating a Zap to automatically add new Clio contacts to a MailChimp mailing list, allowing for easier follow-up to prospective clients.

Wish your client’s a Happy Birthday

If you keep a Google Calendar of your clients’ birthdays or other important dates, use Zapier to automate birthday greetings. You can automate the sending of a personalised birthday greeting or the creation of an email draft for you to customise further.

Add Gmail Labels for New Matters

When you open a new matter in Clio, you likely have a few steps to check off. If one of those includes adding a new label in Gmail to pull together all conversations related to that matter for easy grouping and forwarding, then you can create a Zap to do this for you.

Automatically produce Letters of Engagement

Automating the production of the documents you send every day is essential to increasing your productivity. With Webmerge you can generate a Letter of Engagement when you add a new matter to Clio. Just create a template in Word, upload to Webmerge and use a Zap to auto-populate the new information when entered in Clio.

What are you waiting for? Take the time to set up the Zaps relevant to you and watch your productivity soar!

For instructions on how to activate all these Zaps check out the Zapbook for Clio or our Zapier support page to get started today.

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