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How CEO & Attorney Aaron Hall Manages 30 Staff with Clio

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Aaron Hall, CEO & Attorney, JUX Law Firm

Aaron Hall brings his passion for family to his practice at JUX. With a diverse background in legal, business, and marketing, he’s grown JUX from a basement-run solo practice to a respected mid-sized firm. Aaron has been recognized by the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, Minnesota Business Magazine, and the Minnesota State Bar Association.

Since 2008, Aaron Hall has taken JUX Law Firm from a basement-run solo practice to a multi-office, mid-sized firm, which includes a premium downtown location in the heart of Minneapolis.

Between its two locations, there are two distinct sides to JUX. One side deals with entrepreneurial, growth-oriented businesses in handling matters related to employment, litigation, intellectual property, real estate, and general corporate law. The other side offers estate planning for individuals.

From the beginning Aaron needed a system that would allow him to run his practice without the need for expensive hardware and technical support. As his firm grew, he also needed a robust practice management system that could support his staff working across multiple locations.

“Clio makes where we are irrelevant. You can work from any location—it’s great.”

In the beginning, there was Clio

Before founding JUX, Aaron worked at a number of different firms, each with legacy software solutions typical of more traditional settings. “Having worked in these legacy systems, I know firsthand how frustrating they are,” says Aaron. “How much time did we spend waiting for our software, every day, when we could have been billing?”

When he started JUX, Aaron logged his time using his accounting software.

It was at 2 a.m. one morning, while troubleshooting a technical issue, that it dawned on him: “I said to myself, ‘I’m working in QuickBooks instead of billing clients. I could be paying somebody else to do this, and they’d be 10 times faster than me. This is absolutely crazy.’”

While looking for alternatives, Aaron discovered Clio. “I loved that Clio was cloud-based, because I didn’t have a server, I didn’t have IT support, and I didn’t want a big, messy installation. This was when Web 2.0 and SaaS were starting to become popular, and I realized Clio got it.”

“Most law software evolves over time to become very powerful, and incredibly cumbersome, to use. But Clio is a paradox. It’s extremely simple to use while also being very powerful.”

“No crashes. No server downtime. No lag. It’s just so much easier.”
Manage all firm billing in Clio and run reports at any time. Sync Clio with QuickBooks Online or Xero and keep all of your accounting up to date.

Clio works for teams

Aaron’s staff expect more than archaic software systems when they come to work for JUX, which has a reputation for being more entrepreneurial and innovative than the average law firm. When it comes to Clio, Aaron says, “Their response is anything from ‘This is what I expected’ to ‘Wow!’ They might start out thinking it’ll take a long time to learn Clio, but they’ll realize in 10 minutes they basically know it. It’s just so intuitive.”

JUX uses Clio to tie together all the firm’s billing activity. Each lawyer logs time directly into Clio, so that invoices can be generated and reviewed quickly and easily—leaving them with more time to dedicate to clients.

Clio also gives any member of JUX the ability to log in from anywhere, regardless of which office they’re based out of. Whether they decide to work from home, or whether they simply need to be away at a client meeting, members of JUX have the flexibility they need with Clio. “They love the accessibility,” says Aaron. “In the old days, they would have had to tunnel through an encrypted VPN, and it was slow. Now they can hop into their web browser, and it really makes it easy.”

“Clio is robust, but with an interface so intuitive and simple—it’s like an iPhone. You get it right away. At the end of the day, it does everything you want in a very simple and efficient way.”
Work with Clio’s award-winning, in-house training, support, and data-migrations teams to get started quickly and easily.

Practice with confidence

There’s something to be said for the sense of security you get when everything just works. With the right systems in place, Aaron, a father to four daughters, recently passed on more of the operational side of running his law firm to his staff. This has opened more time for substantive practice. He says, “I’m back to practicing seven to eight hours a day, and I love it.”


“I’m no longer trying to take over the world. Instead, I’m trying to be a good dad, be a good husband, and be faithful to our clients.”

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“When you compare the systems of old with Clio, the time savings alone saves significant money, not to mention aggravation.”
Use Clio’s mobile app to maximize earnings by never missing an opportunity to log time.

From intake to invoice with Clio

JUX’s billing options run the gamut from hourly rates to fixed and contingency fees. Regardless of how they bill, JUX attorneys always log their time in Clio throughout the day. Clio ties everything together and makes it easy. Here’s what the process looks like:

1. Firm staff meet with a potential client.
2. A staff member runs a conflict check in Clio to make sure the person or their affiliates have not been linked to a prior case.
3. The client pays a retainer and signs a representation agreement, and their information is then entered into Clio.
4. An attorney works the case and logs time in Clio—no time sheets required.
5. Staff automatically generate invoices through Clio on a monthly basis, applying and updating trust account balances, and clients receive a statement of account with amounts retained or owing.
6. When the matter is finished, a closing letter is sent to the client and the matter is closed in Clio.

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