‘No Client Gets Left Behind’ When Doing Intake with Clio Grow

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Customer Case Study Puget Law

Puget Law Group

  • 2017

    Year Founded
  • 11-50

    Number of Staff
  • 2018

    Started Using Clio
  • Washington, USA

  • Flat Fee

    Fee Types
  • Criminal Defence

    Personal Injury

    Practice Areas

Veronica Kropff, Intake Concierge, is the person who handles all of the processes and follow up at Puget Law Group, the fastest growing criminal defense and personal injury law firm in Washington—with multiple locations in several cities throughout the state, including Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellveue.

The firm’s quick growth in recent years means that they have a high volume of clients reaching out to them at all times, and being able to keep up with the demand means being able to manage every case opportunity, and putting their best foot forward in providing the best, most responsive client experience possible for everyone that reaches out.

“Clio Grow helps us save time by helping us be more efficient and enhancing our ability to communicate with each other on a single platform. It saves us time and money by keeping us organized, keeping us on track, and making sure that we don’t lose sight of any client.”

How Puget Law Group streamlined its intake to optimize its business

The partners at Puget Law Group know that intake is the first and most important stage to earning new business, and they’ve invested in the people—and tools—to maximize business for the firm.

“I use Clio Grow every single day. The first thing I do when I get into the office is open Clio Grow. It is my bread and butter.”

“You get more bang for your buck from your intake if you have a tool like Clio Grow. You’ll be able to follow up with more people.”

1. Taking account of every person who reaches out to the firm

Every client who reaches out to Puget Law Group will feel like they’re being taken care of because Veronica knows who they are, what they need, and what the next step is in moving their matter forward with the firm.

“I couldn’t do my job without Clio Grow. It helps me manage who I’ve talked to. It helps me keep track of who’s been price-quoted. There’s nothing that I don’t do that doesn’t happen within Clio Grow.”

“No client gets left behind. No one falls through the cracks because we can keep track of everybody so well.”

2. Capturing every detail

With so many people reaching out to the firm, Veronica uses Clio Grow to make sure they have every detail accounted for in their system. Getting the information right the first time keeps everything moving smoothly for the client.

“If we get the details wrong, it takes longer to get things done. We have to go back, maybe call the client and ask them how to spell their name. It ends up looking sloppy, or we can’t find them in our database. It just takes longer to achieve what we need to achieve if that data is wrong.”

“The most important thing about client intake is that the details are correct. The spelling of somebody’s name, what their birthday is, what county their charge is in. Those details are super important, and Clio helps track everything.”

3. Detailed intake makes for more efficient casework in Clio Manage

The team works together during the intake phase to make sure the right information gets put into the system, which makes working on a client matter that much more organized.

Once an attorney has had a consultation with a potential client, they’ll log all of their notes into Clio Grow so that Veronica’s up to speed on where the potential case is at.

When a client completes the intake process with the firm, their information syncs directly to Clio Manage, so all of their information is on hand for the responsible attorney.

“Some of our attorneys are out on the road, going to court all day—they’ll put notes in and notify me of any conversations that they’ve had with potential clients. It’s just great for organization and management.”

4. Quickly find what you’re looking for

Clio Grow makes it incredibly easy to find very specific information on a potential client.

“If I know that a particular attorney is really busy, I can hone in on their potential new clients to make sure that they have their follow-ups. Or if I’m trying to look at DUIs within a certain timeframe, I can do that easily.”

“My favorite feature is the filtering capabilities. Being able to look at only matters that are assigned to a certain attorney or matters that were created after a certain date is really helpful.”

5. Integrations enhance services and responsiveness for clients

Puget Law Group uses Ngage Live Chat on their website, which makes it easy for potential clients to get quick questions answered, such as whether their legal issue is a good fit for the firm.

“When someone visits our website, there’a chat window that pops up in the bottom right corner. The entire transcript from their chat will be in Clio Grow—and I’ll get an email about it. I can either make that transcript into a new matter or ignore it if their legal needs weren’t relevant to our firm.”

6. Unique business insights and enhanced data security

Since the firm uses Clio Grow to manage all of its intake, they can also get substantial insights into their operations and plan for further growth.

The team can look at how many potential clients they get in a given timeframe, what types of charges they have when they reach out, when matters get created, and more.

Veronica and her team can also know that all of their firm’s information is protected by Clio’s industry-leading data security.

“The security aspect of Clio is really important. We handle a lot of confidential information, and that information will remain confidential in Clio.”

Client experience is essential to growth at Puget Law Group

Being responsive to clients and making sure all of their needs are taken care of helps build trust and confidence in their services. It’s helped the firm earn its impeccable reviews, which only drive more business to the firm.

“Clio Grow is an important piece to giving our clients the best experience possible.”

“What would our firm look like without Clio? I don’t want to think about it. If you’re looking for a streamlined way to keep track of all your potential clients, you need look no further.”

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